Not The White House Correspondents Dinner

Started by SM, Apr 30, 2019, 12:55:28 AM

Not The White House Correspondents Dinner (Read 6,577 times)


I'm kind of surprised to see her in something like this. She's looking great though. I really hope to get another alien movie with her. Especially with everything she's been a part of within the last week. Her love for the series is still very strong.


She looks Incredible.  :) 


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Most of that is just lost on me
As someone who lives in the USA and is bombarded by political bullshit non-stop 24/7, I envy your ignorance.

Don't worry, us Brits have our own political embarrassments or two  :laugh:
Being from the Czech Republic, I'm also being reserved in making fun of these two countries' political situation...we have our issues too...

Most countries do.  But the US and UK right now are next level.
yep, indeed they are ...


Well done!  Can't wait to see her in a proper sequel to Aliens...

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