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Started by BenditlikeBeckum, Jul 16, 2023, 12:08:06 PM

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So after finishing the game with only 1 day left on the count down and 38/45 achievements, I'm eager to play it again even though there is no real NG+.
After giving it some thought I would think the following be included:

Dismembered limbed soldiers is what prompted me to start thinking about what the purpose would be to go out of your way in the entire game not losing a guy but that one dude who happened to get a limb cut off re-appears so magnificently only to not really use him in what's left to complete in the game.

So how about this:
Upon selecting a new game + option you'd get the option to select any 4 existing team members on your current squad. The only thing that carries over is their name/customized appearance and nothing more.
LVL gets reset to zero.
That said, bionic arms and legs should be carried over and thus making them apart of you as you journey again into the game.
Also the ability to unlock customization of bionic legs would be pretty cool too. I would suggest even more for bionic upgrades to buff your character out or that he gets permanent bravery status but i'm assuming thats going down a bit too far.

Asides from that:
Photomode would be likely the only thing I would love to see.




I want at least four of your Marines to carry over.  At the very least ONE. 

Narratively it doesn't make sense to have NO ncos (or your level three Marines).  There is no way in any realistic situation that a warship that is up and functioning and doing active missions, takes a hit, and has EVERY SINGLE OFFICER die, and only two non playable NCOs survive, and the rest that do survive are the most boot ass Marines taken directly from their boot camp to fight in active wars. 

That whole thing is silly. 

People that don't want that option can play a new game, since that is what you would be doing.  Or maybe have the option to not have any carryovers.  If there is no benefit to having a new game plus, then just leave it as it is. 

Then you should have either more funds, or everything unlocked at the level three level.  I never got the level 10 weapons because I never had a level 10 Marine on my first playthrough. 



I'd like to see New Game + be more than just porting over your A-Team Marines.

 Adding more difficulty to the game as a Option would be great since as it stands, A:DD is very easy to cheese and beat even on Nightmare+NOCHTS Mode once you realize the game hands you tons of infinite crutches.

NG+ Should also have an option to make it.. I don't know. More grounded? Like an OPTION for a "Realistic Mode" that you can only unlock after beating Nightmare once.

I'd like to see these changes for a NG+ Realistic Mode
1: RPGs, Mines, Grenades, Flamer Fuels, and Sniper Ammo all become their own resources instead of using command points.

2: Motion Trackers with how big they are, should take up a sentry gun. So, do you wanna deploy with 4 MTs, 4 SGs, 2 of both? 1 and 3? etc. It'll make you think instead of spamming.

3: Ambush Vents to NOT show indicators how they do. But instead you need to pay attention to sound and subtle visual cues.  Include more ambush points like ceiling drops, and damaged floor panels. This will make you slow down and assess the surroundings better.

4: Queen Areas... Shove in 2 praetorians, a lot more eggs, and goodness make use of the hive to allow for ambush nooks (Like where Xenomorphs curl up and slumber inside of). Easy to miss sure, unless you can spot the curled up beasties.

5: Expanded zones and side missions that offer High Risk recovery of materials and resources.

6: If your whole team dies, that's not a "Reload" it's a "Keep going, all the way down to ONE single marine being left, with the option to go on a side mission to recovery/rescue people to recruit. But if that final marine on the otago dies, game over.

7: Xenomorphs - Instead of just "More HP like Fireteam Elite", overhaul their AI and spawn vectors to be more terrifying and a threat. If you trigger a massive wave, they should pour from all directions instead of just one tunnel.  More warriors instead of just drones.  Have them Adapt to the Player. Use MTs to distract a lot? They start ignoring them. Hold up in a box room all the time? Floor panels and ceiling ducts. Cheese? They learn your cheesing and look for other means to kill you.

8: Death is fast for both xenos and humans. So stress and accuracy would be the most important factors. Going in to kill a Queen? Better be fully prepped and charged up to deal with it.

9: APC doesn't have infinite ammo.

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