Aliens: Dark Descent Gameplay Overview Trailer Released!

Started by Corporal Hicks, May 25, 2023, 02:31:26 PM

Aliens: Dark Descent Gameplay Overview Trailer Released! (Read 2,558 times)

Corporal Hicks

With just under a month left until Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive’s Aliens: Dark Descent is due to release, a new gameplay overview trailer has just been released! The new narrated trailer gives us a nice detailed look at Aliens: Dark Descent’s gameplay and management systems, as well as plenty of new cut scene footage.

We’re happy to reveal a new Gameplay Overview Trailer which offers you a deeper dive into Aliens: Dark Descent. The video's in-depth footage and commentary showcases the narrative, protagonists, and gameplay mechanics of the upcoming strategic real-time squad-based tactical action game set in the iconic Alien universe.


Alien: Dark Descent was recently shown off at PAX East and made a very good impression with the journalists who played it. The game is due for release on the 20th of June and is available for pre-order on Focus Entertainment's website. Though none of the announcements have been highlighting it, early pre-order also comes with Lethe Recon Pack.

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Man, that shot of all the Facehuggers crawling out, Jesus Christ, someone warn Kradan.

Mr. Clemens

Looks like we might have here my idea of the perfect Aliens game, just as Isolation was my idea of the perfect Alien game. Hope my poor ol' PS4 can run it.


I wasn't sure about this at first but I'm kinda feeling it! Intrigued to see how it plays as this isn't my usual game style of choice to play.


Agree with you, P1nk7c1dboots...also intrigued and may just get it.

(Nothing can top Isolation in my opinion, though...)


I'm going to be honest, when the game was first announced, it was initially crazy excitement at seeing the cutscenes followed by immediate disappointment that it was a top-down strategy game (not my cup of tea) - but the more I see of this, I'm getting more hyped with each new trailer - story and setting-wise it already has me way more hooked than Fireteam Elite did - I'm loving the environments, and it looks to be challenging (at least, it does to someone who doesn't play strategy games). This is a day one purchase for me, especially at that sweet price point. 😊👍


The only disappointing thing is that you can't select the marines individually and order them elsewhere without the team. It's like COH where units are together and cannot be separated.

Still Collating...

Maaaan this was neat! I'm trying to control my expectations, was very pleasantly surprised with all the features I saw! Nice management at the base, love the cutscenes, didn't know we had the whole planet with so many locations to explore! Feels very cinematic, a nice story driven experience. Love that we can actually drive the APC!!! They even put the original Ron Cobb version of the APC, so cute. Something that looks like spooky Engineer ruins, am looking forward to that. The 3 pointy dorsal spikes on the final Alien do have me leaning again more towards Praetorian, but maybe it could be an Ultramorph? The facehugger cutscene is beautiful.

The only faults for me are that the weird Drone sidestep phasing animation looks wrong, and that the Phase Plasma Pulse Rifle's purple hue shot doesn't feel impactful for now.

I'm so excited to try this game out! 


A nice addition is the rts system to restore balance after a mission. Amongst other problems that might arise during and after a mission, you get a chance to boost moral and such. Its like RTS amongst the likes of IXIOM which I can appreciate. And Unlike other RTS, the slow motion of time to test a strategy can be slowed to a pause on lower difficulties.

Anyone notice the big giant head scene?

Corporal Hicks

I've been excited for this since the first behind-closed-door demo impressions, and with every new trailer or hands on, I've been getting even more amped. I just loved the looks of this last trailer!

We've even got APCs! I want to say finally, but I know we had them in Evolution and Infestation, but with the tank as well (was that the one from the RPG?!) we might get to actually use vehicles more in Dark Descent! I heard mention of Trimonite too. I think I saw some Engineer ruins in there too.

It looks like there's going to be some depth to the game too. Man, I really can't wait to dig into this.


Yeah I was already hyped, but this latest trailer just made it look even better than it already did.

It's great to finally get a little preview of the between missions base and customisation stuff, along with the multiple locations we'll get to go to. I didn't realise they'd be spread out cross the plant as it looks like they're going to be! And APCs! Also really cool!

And confirmation that the one xeno is a Praetorian too. I'm definitely digging the more "subtle" design they're going with here. The hype is definitely building up even more!


This is definitely looking more and more promising, I only wish Fireteam elite had more of a story to it, though it is a bit of a blast.

Here's hoping we get some good dlc in the form of Sulaco Marines appearance and customisation, I need Drake and Vasquez in this, maybe even give frost a proper tribute :)


I think stuff like that still rightly gives people flashbacks to Colonial Marines frankly.

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