Whats up with the cheap price point?

Started by bobby brown, May 20, 2023, 07:15:37 PM

Whats up with the cheap price point? (Read 1,467 times)

bobby brown

Not complaining about the price, just trying to manage expectations. Why do you guys think the game is so cheap?

Still Collating...

As far as I know, that's normal cause they're not a AAA huge team. Same case with Fireteam Elite, if it's AA like these games are, than the price is 40 $/Euros, if it's AAA like the previous were, than the normal is 60$/Euros IIRC.

bobby brown

Fireteam didn't really do it for me, with the lack of narrative and cutscenes. Hope that's not the case. :-\

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This is actually the complete opposite of Fireteam. The only similar thing is that both were made by AA (smaller studios), not AAA developers. Actually from what we know, this game is the complete opposite of Fireteam:

1. Only singleplayer

2. Cutscenes, multiple

3. Actual side missions

4. Lip-sync

5. Persistent world

6. Permadeath for characters

7. Actual movie weapons, the Pulse Rifle has an actual grenade launcher, classic Flamethrower, but also a few extra weapons from previous mentions in the EU, quality over quantity it seems for now

8. Focus on the action-horror atmosphere by the looks of it, not an arcade grindy looter shooter like Fireteam

9. Permanent trauma debuffs for characters

10. Stress mechanism

11. As of now it seems the enemies aren't bullet sponges (but we'll see)

12. No colorful or glowy Aliens as of now, but the new mutant humans that have chestbursters in them do have glowy blue parts which is a shame IMO 


I have come around on the glowy Aliens. In some respects I prefer the idea of exploding Aliens with random cancerous growths, in others I think I kind of love the symmetricality, in the Burster design.


Its not coming out of one of the 'big' studios i.e EA, Blizzard etc. The amount of money they have spent on it isnt massive either compared to say Starflield, The Last of Us 2 etc.


Maybe it has a short campaign

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As long as it's longer and more playable than AFE's campaign, I'll be happy. And above length I'm more concerned about quality, memorability and replayability. I definitely would like a long and diverse enough campaign like Isolation's with a few short burst game modes, but we'll see. Less than a month before the game arrives and we still haven't seen a lot of gameplay. They let people play at Pax East and everyone who liked it, don't know why they haven't released official video of that level's playthrough... 

Corporal Hicks

Funny you mention that, they just released a gameplay trailer. Going to post shortly.

Still Collating...

Wow, now that was quite a coincidence!

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