Aliens: Dark Descent Gameplay Release Date Trailer!

Started by Darkness, Mar 21, 2023, 02:51:32 PM

Aliens: Dark Descent Gameplay Release Date Trailer! (Read 6,799 times)

Still Collating...

You can barely hear the guy, but some new info here. First, the slowdown effect will cost some recourses, but they seem to be separate from the command points. I hope there'll be an option to use that freely in hard combat. Or at least make it more intelligent, like real adrenalin or something, if you use it, it will highten your stress etc., but I haven't seen that for now...

Second, from the gameplay, WE ACTUALLY HAVE CUTSCENES AGAIN. And it nicely shows the Alien, love it, nice movement. Though in gameplay it does move with the tiniest bit of jank. The warping dodge seems more and more to me to be a feature. I love giving Aliens the ability to dodge. Not enough Alien games do that (only AVP2010 and ACM, though better in ACM multiplayer). Here my only problem is that warping effect to the side with what seems like no animation for dodging.
The other thing, it seems from the trailers and now this footage that the special ability of the Warrior is a leap/pounce attack. Maybe the Runner's one is the tail whip judging from other videos.

That's it for my analysis for now! We also know form the first ever footage that there will be at least one Queen and Crusher to fight (since there was text that noted that a sniper shot can only stun them, and not dismember them like it will other xenos)

I wish I could hear the interview here better, couldn't make out if other new info was here.

bobby brown

Jake Baldino talks about some Aliens Dark descent after playing it at PAX.

Still Collating...

Thanks, some great new info in this interview! Love how the healing and stress mechanics have been lifted exactly as is from the RPG.

judge death

Quote from: nchurch81 on Mar 24, 2023, 08:17:55 PMLooks fun. Though a new RTS where you get play as the Aliens would be fun. Or just a straight up hive management simulator. Like SimAnt, but with xenomorphs. Fanboy rant over.  ;D
This is something I hope they will do as a DLC:
You get tasked to create a successfull hive in several scenarios:
1 scenario would be you are 2-3 xenos onboard a massive WY ship which you escaped your cells and you now have to decide where to set up a nest, which doors to seal with hive resin, set up the nest on command bridge? or the engine bay? or somewhere else? each place has its advantages and disadvantages. theres no ship tracking because else it would be too easy for the marines to kill one.
1 scenario set like hadleys hope and one need to set up a hive either inside the colony or nearby caves and try and overrun the colony, but the humans will counter all decisions you do, if you dont cut communications they can request reinforcments etc.

I would love that as a dlc and be unique to play as the xenomorps. :D

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