Status Update on Sequel and Mod Support

Started by ikarop, May 13, 2011, 08:18:51 PM

Status Update on Sequel and Mod Support (Read 89,679 times)



Quote from: Corporal Hicks on May 14, 2011, 03:56:53 PM
I can't say I agree. Rebellion rock. They made some mistakes on AvP but they fixed the balance for the PC edition. As long as they can fix the rubbish matchmaking and do a better storyline,  I'll happily have them back.
There was more broken in AvP than just the MP component. Rebellion isn't the best developer in my book, while I played AvP'99 for years, AvP'10 just fell short on many a front.

QuoteThey're the only company to really nail the feel of the movies. It's the only game I've felt like I'm the characters and like I'm in the world. Prior to was AvP1.

In all honesty, only  two companies ever worked on the franchise... And while Monolith's art direction was more stylized to hide the technological impossibilities of those days and was hated for that, it felt more complete for having a compelling storyline that actually interwove for all three species.

Inverse Effect

it aint a bad game. And alot of the complaints regarding the controls were out of place. I have the pc version and i had no issue scaling walls and stuff. Sure it had alot of bugs and proformance issues. But the game is fun. I just wish the game was better optimized and supported AA outside of DX11 mode.

What are the final sales figures anyway for the game?



I think we will likely see another AVP game in the future. I doubt this will be the last AVP game that we will see for now.


Quote from: Guts on May 16, 2011, 04:19:20 AM
I just wish the game was better optimized and supported AA outside of DX11 mode.

Optimized would be NICE, since any given UE3.x powered game COULD look as good as AvP did, or even better. The AA issue is a technical impossibility however, since differed rendering won't allow any AA in pre-DX11 engines. Only workarounds could bring it, and looking inferior to the real thing.


NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!! I wanted to see another AVP game!



From what I see.


I'm not a console gamer nor do I have a crappy pc. That goes for the bigger part of 1+ million who bough the game for pc, and by stopping to play it they agree - it is a bad game.

50 dedicated servers online is a joke, avp2 had more servers and player base when the ms was still up, 9 years after the release..





Quote from: PHANTOM on May 19, 2011, 05:26:07 PM
Quote from: Brother on May 18, 2011, 07:38:43 PM
I'm not a console gamer nor do I have a crappy pc.

Good for you, go play AVP 2 and stop crying.

I prove you wrong and you tell me to stop crying, awesome counter argument.

Then you call a couple of million people dumbasses. "No game is perfect" is correct, but if all games that fixed their issues shortly after were abandoned by the gamers for good - there won't be a single game that lasts more than a year in MP. So again, you're wrong, avp3 has more than a couple of serious issues and most still aren't fixed.

About the third part, you prolly missed the discussions about the comparison between avp2 and avp3.
Point is, even with all the crap avp2 managed a decade, but I guess the people who played it are dumbasses as well.

About the "abandoned by developers" part, Sierra stopped paying so Monolith stopped the support, see Sega and REB. Oops, you messed up again.



then I rest my case.


Lolz, go ahead and repeat what you said for a 3rd time. Won't bring the players back, won't make the game better, won't certainly make you right.


If you two have a disagreement, take it to private messages. This is not the thread for that kind of discussion.


Reasons I didn't quite like the game:
1-It didn't play smooth. Not speaking framerate, speaking gameplay. The wallwalking was confusing compared to both AvP1 and AvP2, the limited Jump wasn't always working out as you'd hope and the basic controls just had two settings: stop and full speed ahead.
2-While nice looking, it was far from optimized IMO.
3-The story was too short. Even Singularity, a more recent SP example, did one hell of a job to sell a relatively simple story. But that's Ravensoft...
4-It's looks were too confined by the AvP movies to lure younger players. Much of that is to blame on Fox I suppose...
5-It made poor use of it's full potential, Rebellion just needed another year instead of pushing it out the door this quick
6-the MP is god awfully uninspired, and reeked of 1990's gameplay elements.
7-balance? what balance?
8-truly horrendously chosen controls, a stupid meleesystem that overshot the target (hint: BattleField Bad Company 2 did it RIGHT when it comes to immersion) and came down to a fricking quick-time-event (with que's in SP, in MP, you were left to figure it out, now where's the fun in that?
9-focus attacks, WTF
10-feeling less in control than ever.

Nah, I'd take AvP2 over AvP1 any day when it comes to gameplay and story, even it's MP was better. AvP'10 just wasn't the improvement we had hoped.

There were some good and cool things, the atmosphere was just great, the synth's were some of the best designs of characters I've seen in YEARS and the SP had some nice levels. But in the end, it just feels unpolished, undershot and underachieved.


Avp was good, but not great. Rebellion did get one thing right is that the species stay true to the films. But what im looking for is in the sequal if they have one im looking for these features.

1-Custimization of Predator/marine armor
2-Better multiplayer
3-mask creator(mix different styles of predator masks together)
4-Weapon Upgrades
5-the classic One pair wristblades
6-better strory
7-Don't allow the story to continue to the Aliens Home Planet, if they do hell is raised!

Le Celticant

As far I'm aware, there are already threads to discuss the good and the bad side of AVP (2010).
A sequel will obviously come but we'll probably have to wait another decade (new movies, new other alien / predator games).

Concerning Mod Support, I think we should do something, the game has a huge potential to be mod and became a true Aliens Vs. Predator game.
I only wish so much that I could do some maps with those new graphics and possibilities offered by lighting!

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