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Started by Corporal Hicks, Oct 12, 2010, 07:42:40 PM

Home Cinema Choice Reviews Anthology (Read 1,888 times)

Corporal Hicks

Home Cinema Choice have posted up a review of the Aliens Anthology due out in just under 2 weeks time:

“The remastered Aliens encode is a thing of incredible beauty, where some kind of noise reduction tech has been used to clean the image, but not at the expense of fine textures and shadow detail, while still leaving an extremely filmic patina of grain throughout the film. It’s a remarkable piece of restoration that wholly deserves the plaudits that it will undoubtedly pick up around the world.”

Fox have also posted one of the Alien “Screen Test” videos on their YouTube. Thanks to Daz_85 for the link.

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The original guy for Kane seemed like such a lame douche.  Good thing he got sick so John Hurt could replace him.  >:D


I cant wait!!!!!!!!



I still see no reference to the Deleted Footage marker that the Quad set had.

I LOVED that. I'm really hoping that the Anthology does include it.

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