Part of Prometheus set 'millions of years in the past'

Started by Valaquen, Mar 15, 2011, 03:24:12 AM

Part of Prometheus set 'millions of years in the past' (Read 32,901 times)


Quote from: Teape on Mar 30, 2011, 05:47:13 PM

Space Jockey's rule the universe millions of years ago by using the xenos, it gets outta hand, things go bad.  Archaeologists in the future find some of their bio-tech.  They use the tech to more properly chart courses through space via a big giger head, think System Shock woman giger face thing.  Bio-tech head is inevitably linked telepathically to remaining Space Jockeys.  Thus bringing the curious Noomi and the others face to face with said Jockeys where secrets of the universe are revealed.  Maybe the Jockeys see this as some sort of opportunity to reclaim their place as gods of the universe.

Hmmm. You know there is SOMETHING interesting about this proposal. If the tech you speak of is 'STOLEN' from the 'Gods of the Universe', the Space Jockeys, and they have some way of finding out and are pissed off and so, they set a trap, THE DERELICT, to punish the human race.

This would be quite similar to the myth of PROMETHEUS.

I also think it should be worth noting that PROMETHEUS and ADAM AND EVE IN 'PARADISE' are THE TWO Mythological versions of the creation story.

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