SEGA Announces New Aliens vs. Predator Game

Started by funcroc, Feb 11, 2009, 04:14:52 PM

SEGA Announces New Aliens vs. Predator Game (Read 12,550 times)


Thats....thats f**kING AWESOME!

but why push back Aliens:CM,to make people lose interest on purpose?


I never had a PC good enough to run the AVP games until now.

Can't wait to fire up a game on a console. Should have some awesome multiplayer experiences.


Wouldnt be surprised if they actually cancel ACM given all the layoffs that sega had done recently but we"ll see.

I for one am more intersted in this avp game it willl probably take some actual screen or a trailer to get me hyped.


I'm interested to hear which engine they use to power it. The Crytek engine would make it look f**king sik.



I just jizzed in my pants from that news! :D

Some of the most exciting news I have read on here for awhile!


It's about time. For years we have waited for a new Aliens vs. Predator game, ever since the masterful PC versions I have longed for a modern console release, & I couldn't be more ecstatic that it's finally going to happen. I'll hold off my excitement until they release some physical evidence though; a trailer, screenshots, anything. For all we know, this game might not even play like the old PC titles. Let's hope Rebellion can once again deliver us an experience that is worthy of the Alien & Predator legacy.


Must... get... now...


Well since Rebellion is working on it I've got a lot of hope; they've got a solid track record for AvP games.

I just wish it was Monolith making it - they've gotten REALLY good at doing super-atmospheric, dark, scary games (Condemned, FEAR).


^^^^ Exactly what I was thinking when I was playing the FEAR 2 demo.


Not to mention Monolith has experience making AvP games - they did AvP2 :P


My favorite one.


I dont even know what i would do if Monolith was creating this game  :o


Jump for joy

Corporal Hicks

TBH I'm more excited about Rebellion doing it. AvP1 was far more atmospheric than AvP2 and still makes me play cautiously to this day.


I never had much fun with AvP1...but I only played it for a short time though and I had to return it to my friend.

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