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Started by Darkness, Nov 01, 2009, 06:40:12 PM

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Finally saw the home page, first words were "holy shit."

Gonna do some exploring now, be back with more thoughts.


The transition from the old to the new wasn't as shocking as I thought it would be. Got used to the new layout pretty quickly and have already grown fond of it. Nice work.

Space Sweeper

Great stuff.

Crazy Rich

My response in the "Just Talk" thread.

Quote from: Crazy Rich on Jun 01, 2014, 02:36:44 AM
To be fair, I'll try this new theme out for a week.

Like I said before, the Alien: Isolation theme isn't the thing I find negative, I like it in fact.

My one initial complaint was the way quoting looked, but you seem to have fixed that which is nice. I like having the full multi-quote thing "right there in front" to read simply, having to scroll one at a time in order to read each individual quote when there was more than one was like trying to figure out a puzzle. But yea, it seems to be fixed from what I've seen.

My other main initial complaint, which I can probably word better now, is that the prior themes feel more "centered", that is just something I'm used to, the instant the new theme showed up my eyes felt awkward from the change. It was much later though when your words "It was either that or have a sidebar running down the side of the forum." finally clicked. *back to the other theme for a sec to get a pic*

You mean this Darkness?

Because I thought I was the only one.  :laugh:

In that case, I see what you mean.

You can thank the others for getting me to at least try the new thing for a week, when you only but mention the previous theme was A:CM, well, that's pretty damn convincing enough for me to go from "I hate it" to "I'll give the new thing a try".

I'd also like to add that I have no problem with the "Main Website" page. It's noticeably more organized.

I do see the scroll bar on the quote as I preview this post, but considering the size of the quote it's not bad, the quote boxes with scroll bars was just way too small when the theme first started up and in my opinion not necessary for smaller sized quotes. The quoting in this theme is spot on now.



Sidebar as in the right sidebar with all the post info on the homepage. That was in one of the early designs but it made the forum post stuff much narrower.

Don't know why there's two scrollbars in that picture though.



I come to this site one maybe two times a week to keep updated with Alien and Predator news, and this new layout is pretty awesome. I am loving the background so crisp and clear, it really captures the Alien but to also have H R Giger's design (R.I.P) included really topped it so bottom line is that this site is looking great. 

Crazy Rich

I never did get back about the newer theme after trying it on for a week now did I?

Well I'm a lot more used to it now and like it now. Some things just threw me off before, but I like the theme now and it's what I've been using.

Corporal Hicks

For all our subscribers, I'm thinking of doing another run of AvPG t-shirts/hoodies at the start of December.

Like the one I'm wearing here. Anyone interested? Will probably be around £15 including P&P.

Dark Blade1

Dark Blade1

awsome and can you update the forums like more profile pictures and more themes that will be very awsome.

I like the littile gameplay with the alien.

Corporal Hicks

For our subscribers, you can get an early look at our latest Alien Isolation interview. Link is in the subscriber board.


This is just a notice that a new AvP theme for the site will be going live tomorrow.

Corporal Hicks

Woop. Can't wait.  ;D


Quote from: Darkness on Aug 27, 2015, 11:38:13 AM
This is just a notice that a new AvP theme for the site will be going live tomorrow.
Ah awesome what is it going to look like something relating to Alien 5 holy crap i am coming back from boarding school tomorrow.



There's no engineer.  :'(

Plus every time I post it tells me to report an error screen to an admin. :P


Really liking the new theme.  :)

System Apollo

Nice to see the predator there! I really like this theme, really nicely done.

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