Constructing the Hunter, Talking The Predator With ADI's Alec Gillis - AvP Galaxy Podcast #77

Started by Corporal Hicks, Nov 26, 2018, 08:11:40 PM

Constructing the Hunter, Talking The Predator With ADI's Alec Gillis - AvP Galaxy Podcast #77 (Read 18,866 times)


Quote from: Wysps on Nov 30, 2018, 01:07:14 AM
Right on, especially since the mandible issue seems to be brought up on the forums frequently enough  ;D

They will never get it right. Which is stupid cause they got it right for the sequel to the original and managed to give it some freshness.


Great podcast, Alec is a great guy and I love hearing ADI talk about their work.


I just created an account (finally) but namely to ask about this, so if someone can answer/give feedback that'd be great!

Regarding the backlash with the designs etc of the last couple of movies, the effects teams and what not, I wonder why someone like these guys weren't involved, or approached?

Just doing simple google searches I've found this and I can get a replica costume for around $10k (in Australia, about $7k US). I've also read that one of the wearers of the costume is the nephew of the man himself, Kevin Peter Hall.

Me personally I find it strange these avenues weren't used in the films? Just hoping for some feedback if anyone knows as it seems (to me anyhow) an obvious option that was overlooked?


Because those are independent fan suit makers who likely don't have the capacity to meet the needs of a major film production.

The issues with the designs comes down to the design briefs, not the talent of the people making things.


Thanks for the reply SiL,

I get what you mean. I guess it's just frustrating from a fan standpoint to think that I can spend X amount of money (not a lot in comparison to what likely goes into these things at the studio), then go out to an event or wherever for that matter and look 110% better than the stuff we're seeing in the movies. Definitely get a more positive reaction.

I guess the reason is like you said, the design briefs - that I assume are likely to be overseen by the studio/wrong people, and the people making the suits are going based off of what is handed to them.

Fugitive looked decent at best (my opinion) and some of the emissary screens I've seen the faces just looked horrible. Very frustrating that the first two films really nailed it, the second acknowledging the first for what it was, and making it the same but different. But we haven't had that since. Not sure what happened since then...

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