Sounds like there was an alternate ending!

Started by Corporal Hicks, Dec 02, 2018, 07:20:31 PM

Sounds like there was an alternate ending! (Read 67,861 times)

Corporal Hicks


Sounds like this should have been the true ending opposed to the predator killer. Time to find out more on this


Damn it- they blew a chance at AVP


What? This is an electronic face hugger? What is it for? Predators wanted to enslave humanity and infect them with electronic face huggers? Or I just stupid and did not understand anything.

proto leech

alien has been degraded enough, glad they decided to scrap this shit.

Didnt black try to push for a future avp? Hilarious.


The fact that he says he hopes it makes the deleted scenes implies that whatever this ending was, it was filmed. I'm certainly very interested tp hear the context behind this.


I knew of the artwork and it kind of implies that Dutch was or ís still an option. Too bad that nanosuit ruined it.


Quote from: skull-splitter on Dec 02, 2018, 11:41:27 PM
I knew of the artwork and it kind of implies that Dutch was or ís still an option. Too bad that nanosuit ruined it.

Yep.  Looks like the surprise Arnold ending to me.  I'm not sure where everyone is getting AvP from out of this... was something referenced in the script that I missed?   ???


I see Weyland Industries logo I then see it like the Alien skull in Pussyface's trophy case


It's the Weyland-Yutani logo, even.


Oooh, gotcha.  I thought people were actually seeing an Alien in there somewhere.  Kept looking for one and couldn't find it.


This is really interesting

Never say no to Panda!

Looks cool, but I'm still not getting behind all these design decisions to make it look like something we know from the franchise. Just a way to stimulate nostalgia? Style of a spezies should include repeating patterns, colors, materials, tech and all that stuff so the whole concept feels believeable - i get that.

But it's another story to put a Predator head on a dog, a breathing mask shaped like a Facehugger or this killer suit including dreadlocks that just looks like a Nanotech Predator. Feels like you can't come up with a recognizable style (like the generic suit concepts a few weeks ago) so you just make it look as similar as the creatures everyone knows.

That said, i like it - maybe just a cynical designer working for Weyland Yutani :D


It look's awesome!!, Jon and SaraI did a really good job. It looks like it belongs in the Alien Universe its that good :) -  I feel Predator is separate to the ALIEN universe though...... :(  I am only here for the Glorious Alien Content.

Voodoo Magic

So he called it a "facehugger breathing apparatus".

I'm trying to wrap my head around that description.

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