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Aliens vs Predator: Rift War (2022) (Read 15,132 times)


Quote from: xShadowFoxX on Aug 19, 2022, 03:51:46 AM
Quote from: Wompdonkey on Aug 18, 2022, 08:43:06 PMIm kind of out of the loop for Predator stuff, but is Yautja not a canon term for what the Predators are/are callled?

I totally understand being bothered by Preds using human terminology, but what is the problem with the term Yautja? Its not a term like Xenomorph, which I've never really liked. Just wondering where the problems lie.

Yautja is what the Predators are canonically called in the EU but the name is actually kind of awful sounding and sometimes the culture falls into space samurai territory, to the point where it becomes unbearable. They were also called the Hish at some point in some presses.

The word xenomorph is just a generic term and applies to all aliens, not just the Alien. Could easily apply to the so called Yautjas as well.

The problem I do have with the term xenomorph is that some of these authors come across as thinking that the Aliens are actually called xenomorph which will annoy any alien fan.

Gotcha, Thanks for clearing that up for me.
Also, Your last point about Xenomorph is why I don't like the term. Too many authors call the Alien xenomorphs as if thats the set in stone name for the creature.


Going to be different and say I like the names Xenomorph and Yautja.

But I do not like Yautja addressing the Aliens as Xenomorphs or using human naming conventions for anything for that matter. 


I'm really struggling with this one, 6 chapters in. AvP by numbers at the moment.

How on earth do they come up with these names for the Predators?


They must add
Fly alien Queen
Fly alien king (from plot of AvP 3 movie)
In next book!



Finished listening to the audiobook and I found this story to be just okay. However this is the first time I've listened to an audiobook all the way through and it's not my favorite way to get through a book. My focus and imagination just work better when reading so I still look forward to reading this once the book releases on the 6th.

Overall the action was probably the highlight of the story as the characters were pretty forgettable.

A huge portion of the story is from the Pred's point of view and this is my main gripe. I hate when authors overly anthropomorphize the Predators, I'd much rather the authors describe what the Predators are doing and leave it up to the reader to interpret. It was just too much for me and brought down the enjoyment even though the Pred side story was still somewhat interesting.

As an AVP fan I'd still recommend giving it a read but keep your expectations tampered. 6/10


Finished my actual read through of the book. As suspected by reading instead of listening I was able to better focus and imagine the world presented much clearer. As I stated on my last review the action is top notch and well described and the Xenos were deadly. You're introduced to 12 Yautja so keeping track of who's who was nigh impossible while listening but easier with the book in my hand so I could flip back to the original descriptions of each character. I still have the same issues with overly humanized Predators but by having that foresight I was less jarred by their presentation this time around.

It seems when the Riftwings become Xenos they then have the ability to directly implant Plagerius Praepotens into tissue regardless of whether the host is living or not. I think this is a call back to egg barfing but with the updated terminology of P.P. and it explains the sheer number of Xenos seen in the story (although the Preds suspected it was egg morphing so that also may have contributed).


I'm on chapter 23 on the AVP Rift War audiobook and I must say that so far I really really enjoy it!

The humans are absolute garbage, in terms of just how unpleasant and cruel some of then are. Not garbage in terms of writing. They treat each other very badly.

The xenomorphs are formidable so far. It is interesting in how there is a like bit of scenes from their perspective.  Nothing deep but it is interesting in how they learn and percieve the world and observe.

The Predators are the real scene stealers though. I really like this interpretation of them and their culture. The are yautja for those wondering.

One thing as Xiggz456 already said, the names of the predators can get confusing in the audiobook because when spoken they can sound kind of similar and there are a lot of predators. Some of them are signifigantly different enough to where you know for sure who they are but like 3 of them have similar names.

One thing about the Predators that I do not like so far is that the females are physically smaller them the males whereas in the Perry books they were larger. Also it seems like some female yaitja cannot go past a certain clan rank but I might be wrong. It is a high rank like hunting captain but not clan leader status. Maybe someone with the physical book can verify this? If this is accurate then I don't like that part.


Different womans for different predators races!

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