Aliens vs. Predator 2 Primal Hunt Master Server Patch

Started by x-M-x, May 14, 2021, 05:39:48 AM

Aliens vs. Predator 2 Primal Hunt Master Server Patch (Read 9,896 times)



Well here is something you didn't expect!

Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Primal Hunt Master Server Patch 1.0

A lot of time/sweat/blood has gone in this, please check the videos below for our recent games/testing.


      - restored the online server browser
      - removed cd key check
      - fixed broken fonts on newer versions of Windows
      - unlocked all resolutions in the Graphics menu
      - added borderless window mode (+borderless 1)
      - the game will always keep the renderer active to prevent unexpected crashes
      - added raw mouse input (enabled by default, use +rawmouse 0 to disable)
      - added widescreen support, automatically calculated by the game
      - fixed a bug that causes black screens on Intel gpus (fix by thecanonmaster)
      - improved rendering performance of some 2D surfaces
      - improved text rendering performance
      - chat messages are now scaled on high resolutions
      - added a console (see readme_console.txt)
      - added various command-line options (see readme_commandline.txt)
      - fixed the internal client and server timers
      - fixed animation slowdowns at high frame rates
      - fixed the player character not moving at high frame rates
      - singleplayer: fixed slow movement of some objects at high frame rates
      - singleplayer: fixed a common crash on the loading screen
      - improved the multiplayer net code
      - restored the Welding Torch (replaces "Look Up" in the controls menu, default Y)
      - restored the Hacking Device (replaces "Look Down" in the controls menu, default H)
      - improved hit detection
      - the game window is now centered in windowed mode
      - fixed the flickering cursor when using dgVoodoo
      - fixed the menu buttons not working in some cases when using dgVoodoo
      - prevented dgVoodoo from manipulating the window style (see readme_commandline for more info)






For anyone suffering issues getting Primal Hunt to run even after following the installation of the All in One Edition, and installing this patch, follow this instruction here:

Use the files attached to this post put all in your Primal Hunt directory folder, launch the game through the the batch launcher file provided, and in properties under compatibility for both PrimalHunt.exe and Lithtech.exe under "Change high DPI settings:" turn on "Override high DPI scaling behaviour:" "Scaling performed by (Application)"

If you use modifications or a PC joystick for example you can edit the text entries in the autoexec.cfg file using notepad.

As for using modifications for that firstly make sure such a folder exists titled "custom" by creating one and placing your modifications in it, then back in the autoexec.cfg using notepad you can change "-rez custom\PROJAM.REZ" to "-rez custom\1.REZ" instead for example, or you can add new entries entirely such as "-rez custom\PlagariusPraepotens.REZ" but remember that the following entry will always take priority over the prior entry.

For using a PC joystick simply switch the number indicated in the autoexec.cfg using notepad to a "1" or a "0" respectively, vice versa depending upon the functionality listed in the autoexec.cfg you want to turn on or turn off, and in any case do not forget to save changes.

I have also attached my XPadder configuration if you wish to play it with a Xbox type Gamepad or Controller, the main profile in Primal's already set up for use with this application to be launched alongside the game itself "BlueMarsalis" with "BlueMarsalisMK" being configured for Keyboard and Mouse, hope this helps in any case.



Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Primal Hunt Master Server Patch 1.1


      - fixed the server info screen listing only one player
      - fixed system fonts not rendering correctly
      - added international characters to multiplayer fonts
      - improved rendering performance of system fonts
      - fixed a buffer overflow when rendering the multiplayer score screen

      - stationary guns can no longer damage teammates if friendly fire is disabled
      - fixed a crash when initializing the server
      - fixed a crash when a player is disconnected
      - fixed various engine crashes
      - score will no longer reset when using class commands in Survivor games
      - players killed in Survivor will automatically mutate after rejoining the game
      - added Alien life regeneration
      - added kill command
      - fixed players not receiving some ammo in all weapons mode
      - servers can now add sentry guns to any map
      - added showposition command

If you have 1.0 already installed? you can use our primal hunt updater to update your game.








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