The Official "What was that Movie?" Thread

Started by DUB1, Nov 15, 2014, 02:48:20 PM

The Official "What was that Movie?" Thread (Read 24,356 times)


Afraid not. The only memory I have is of the score being such a blatant ripoff of what Eric Clapton and David Sanbourne did in Lethal Weapon.


I remember seeing a movie many years ago on TV. It involved a family man who gets contacted by an assassin who tells him he's been hired by his own wife to kill him. Soon the two men meet, but the hitman is killed by persons unknown before he can divulge any further information. Subsequently the family man's wife is kidnapped and murdered. It eventually transpires that it's the work of a police detective with a grudge against the man for an accident wherein his son was crippled some years before. Can anyone help me with the title?

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