The Predator Teaser Trailer Now Online!

Started by Corporal Hicks, May 10, 2018, 01:00:32 PM

The Predator Teaser Trailer Now Online! (Read 76,441 times)



I think people just have to be ready for the basic core of what came from the leaked script/plot leaks/set photos. The bigger issues for me was how insane it got in the third act and a lot of the dialogue. It'll come down to execution for a lot of this. It can only go so far for some people, which can be evidenced by how people have expressed their opinion on here about what we have heard and seen.

Like I have said, I'm going to have faith but I have no problem calling it a bad movie if it turns out to be one.


Wrestling with the basic core of the movie is the hard part.  I can imagine how difficult it'll be to go into the movie with the mindset of giving it the fair shot that it needs (or deserves) when all this time we've been formulating opinions based on what they've provided us, imo.  Hoping that if Shane maintains the original suspense/horror elements and doesn't veer off too deep in the clinical side (which judging by the leaked content I don't know...) then it'll be enough to satisfy the casual movie goer and give us more films in the near future.  That's all I want  :'(


Quote from: ace3g on May 19, 2018, 02:13:10 AM
I'm sure the full trailer will show character pieces for each of the "Loonies".

There was also a shot before Sterling K Brown speaks of a non skinned body hanging from a tree. But can also confirm the shot of the individual loonies laughing on the bus. It shows Alfie, TJ, Augusto and Trevante

Corporal Hicks

Are you based in the States? It was the exact same trailer in the UK.


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on May 24, 2018, 02:06:56 PM
Are you based in the States? It was the exact same trailer in the UK.

Nope Australia.

Still Collating...

The podcast for some reason doesn't load on my Samsung phone, but it's fine on my PC.


Is there footage or a link to be found from the trailer as it appears in the theaters anywhere?



The Predator - Teaser Trailer in LEGO

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Still Collating... on May 26, 2018, 06:48:04 PM
The podcast for some reason doesn't load on my Samsung phone, but it's fine on my PC.

Which app were you trying to use?


Here's my views/opinions on the teaser for The Predator... for me it was very OK...

Actual Hybrid

that teaser is not gonna put buts in seats. 

Where's the damn full length???


We just got the teaser a few weeks ago, we won't get a full length until probably end of June or mid-July.

The Wolverine Predator

Look at how little time they released the first trailer in the theaters for Deadpool 2

having the Teaser a few weeks back now looks to be following the normal time frame for big movies


We got our first look at footage from the film on February 9th from DP2, then we got our first full trailer on March 22nd, followed by a final trailer on April 19th. Generally big blockbusters get a teaser and two full trailers, however lately studios like Disney and even Fox have only put out two trailers total, a teaser and a trailer usually. Our first trailer for The Predator which was a TEASER was released on May 10th, it has only been 20 days. So like I said, it's possible we can get one by end of June or early July. It wouldn't make sense to release a full trailer so soon after the teaser. The earliest point would be in time for Jurassic World 2 since that's the next BIG movie, and that releases June 22nd. But my guess would be with Mission Impossible or Ant-Man and the Wasp. Those come out in July which is where I think they'll drop it.


Don't forget, we also got the No Good Deed short film in front of Logan over a year ahead of the release.

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