William Gibson's Alien 3

Started by Ultramorph, Apr 26, 2018, 08:06:32 PM

William Gibson's Alien 3 (Read 118,524 times)


Noting the colours, this goes after the Aliens colour palette and vibe squarely.  I just wish they used black framing instead of white.  Anyway, really excited about where this will go.


Sounds interesting. In the same line, they could also do an alternate Aliens.

Corporal Hicks

There's no alternate Aliens for them to adapt.

Or are you thinking more original what-ifs?



Yeah no alt Aliens, but I heard something about alternate Alien Resurrection script - with Arctic Orbital Lift...

Nightmare Asylum

Really, really hoping that this is based on a previous script draft and not a "What if?" type deal.


Is this a comic adaptation of the wooden planet script?

That would be good


Then again, it says we don't know what happens next. Maybe it's something new entirely. Maybe it's about the events on the sulaco once Ripley and crew are ejected.


I think that's more a play on it not being the theatrical story.



An intriguing opening panel, which reminds me why I look on Alien3 as merely a hypersleep 'nightmare' which Ripley endures on her journey home after Aliens -

There's the fact that Ripley & co. were seen in totally different-looking cryotubes to the ones they entered at the end of Aliens...as well as seeing a brown Sulaco with white lettering instead of black. 

'Creative license' you say?  Of course, but it suits the way I prefer to look at Alien3.

Then there's also the matter of the mysterious egg and different 'Newt' actress which helps seal the 'nightmare' scenario for me - I like to think that the 'Newt' seen in Alien3 is Ripley incorporating what her actual daughter 'Amanda' looks like into her 'nightmare'!

And Alien Resurrection is merely another 'nightmare' she had along the way too, of course! :P

Either way, I'm interested to see how this proposed 'continuation' of Aliens pans out.


I'm thinking this will end up being Neill Blomkamp's script treatment for #ALIEN5 and before anyone gets their knickers in a bunch, he's REPEATEDLY said it would NOT impact/ignore/delete Alien 3 or Resurrection from canon. So please don't shit post it!  ;D

How can he possibly do this? Clones. The real Ripley was never in Alien 3(and Resurrection it's already established she's a clone).Nuff said about this though..........   ;)


Im pretty sure this won't be Blomkamps script. That script is still fairly recent and if there is even the slightest chance that fox could use that script in any way in the future, they wouldnt let this happen. I have a pretty good feeling this will be one of Gibsons Alien3 drafts.


Quote from: LiquidMonster on Apr 28, 2018, 02:07:20 PMThe real Ripley was never in Alien 3
Huh? Pretty certain that was Signourney Weaver playing Ellen Ripley in every version/format of the film I have ever watched.


If this is Gibson, it will be cool to own a William Gibson credited Aliens graphic novel.




Also feels like dream when:

-The Sulaco evacuating the crew withoute waking them up for permission or to try to stop fire before it gets too big.
-Ripley is the only survivor again.
-Bishop knows the company knows what's goin on the Sulaco and he knows the alien was with them all the way and he's not warning them? Then why he say that to Ripley if he was not involved to bring an egg on board?If it was the queen then why didn't he warn them before they go to cryo?

-The queen chest burst from Ripley when she's falling.

I can't wait for this Dark Horse relase to se whats this.


An alternate Alien3 would be great, i.e one that actually doesn't suck hairy monkey balls...

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