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Started by Taraka, Mar 10, 2007, 04:35:40 PM

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Even though I'm supposed to show it off, I'm just a tad shy about posting it on here.

I would like to give some details about it, however. Here's what I have so far.

1# It's a script for a movie. Even though I'll probably never get the chance to make it myself you never know if you'll work your way up into Fox's ranks.

2# The inspiration of this movie are both franchises original movies, Silent Hill, and the AVP comic books.

3# The status of the charectors isn't what you'd expect. For example, there's almost 400 Aliens, almost 30 marines, and a single Predator.

4# It takes place on an island on a remote planet. The planet itself is almost a water world, but it has many islands. The island in which the story take's place is called Atlantica. It's basically a large retirment paradise. The town had everything you'd expect and was pretty peaceful...that is untill they dug underground, and discovered the Alien Egg Cache', that a clan of Predators come to pick up from and use to hunt on other planets. The town is overtaken by the aliens, and the paradise of Atlantica is destroyed, but not before a distress signal is sent.

Meanwhile, The clan of Predators (a number of 12) go down to Atlantica, not only discovering the town, but discovering the mess, and als, they did not survive. With the exception of those that died fighting, most were impregnated.

The Story takes place days later...

5# The mood and style of how I picture this movie, is very dark, very erie. What scares the marines apon arriving is the fact that the planet has alot of magnetic enterference at night. (So no radios) What I'm aiming for, is to make a movie that's scary. Maybe not horrifying, but it's going to eat at someone watching it. Mostly because when the charectors are alone...they can't be sure if they eally are, and they can't call for help.

The Predator, however, is a different Story. He sort of serves as an anti-hero. He arrives just before the marines, but after those 12 Predators fail to survie Atlantica. The Predator's intentions are to locate his former clan members, and restore order.

6# Paul Anderson made a good point about the Alien and Predator movies. Each added something new. So even though this might b done b4 I can even ask Fox to look at it, I'm going to add things from the games and comics. Such as the Praetorians, they Predaliens, The Predalien-Queen, and by saying that, I want to show a Pred-Alien Queen go at it with the standard Queen. (Since there can only be one, as evident in the comics and games.) As for the Predator, I've got a few goodies for him too. I'm giving him the original Combi-stick from the Original AVP comic. I always liked that one over the 1's in the movies, with the exception of it telescoping. So I'd like to give it that ability too. I'm also giving it the "Dark Blade Clan" Disk, from Concrete Jungle, but change it a lil bit. And finally, I'm giving him these small daggers, made of raw ivory, that it throws like Kunai. I've always known that Predators are forbiddon to leave any advance technology behind, that mostly goes for weapons and helmets. But I think it's likely they'd make primative traditional weaponry they could afford to loose.

7# Even though it's common in the comic books and seen in them movie, I want the Predator to not treat the main charector as a trusted allie. He'll work with her, sure, but he doesen't trust her. The first half of what I have done, he's basically using her to locate clues as to what happened to his clan mates. He saves her life at one point, but he also threatens it.

8# The Main Charector is a woman named Zoey Morton. She's a major. Unlike most officers portrayed in the comic books, games, and in Aliens, she prefers to lead operations. Her back story is relativly simple. She married another officer had had a child with him, and then several years latr, he is discharged from the USCM due to medical reasons. She vows to take on his responsibilities as well as her own. The Predator is going to learn to trust her toward the end, and therfore gain alot of respect for her, and vice versa. She's more hostile toward the Predator than he is toward her. But when it comes to Aliens, they both know they can trust each other up to the last Aliens death.

Now, with those details having been said, I'd like to post up the very beginning of my movie script. The openning should give you guys a feel for how I want this to play out.



Alien Vs. Predator:
Silence of the Damned

(Screen flicker's with blue static as the advertisement commences. The narrator begins speaking, with the image of a small futuristic town planted on an island in the center of a vast blue ocean.)

Narrator: Welcome to our paradise...Atlantica. Located on Okeanos-227. This planet was the image of our worlds beginning, and within 8 months, we've contructed a special town on the largest and most beautiful island this planet has to offer. (Slides of the interior of the town start to play, qaint settings.) Our town can support of to 500 people, making this a peaceful an almost non crowded enviroment. (Breif static, during wich the last image of the town shown is presented in a dark, post apocalyptic veiw.) Our town has the best qaulity homes you can't find on any other system. We have activity centers, up to date movie theaters, a 400 acre' park filled with lushiouse jungle plants and the freindliest animals-(Breif static, the jungle is seen as a dark, threatening manner.) -to see!  And don't forget our retirement homes and day care centers! We also have a variety of jobs, filled with benefits-(Static blasts, A store can be barely seen through the static, windows are broken and cracked, a door is open, splintered and hanging on a single hinge.) -er find! And we have the most beautiful beaches, rivaled only by the carribbean. Yes, and for a limted time, you and your family can enjoy this peaceful and safe-(Static fills the screen again, this time the town can be seen clearer, it is dark, there's no visable activity anywhere, a high pitched screeching noise is sounded as the camera goes toward the ground, a shredded doll lays in the dirt. Image flickers back to the commercial for a moment, and then reveals another vandilized section of the town. Feet can be seen proped on a shattered window ledge.)-nd as time goes by we're continuing to expand our town to the underground (Static bursts again, revealing the inside of a cavern, the walls covered and caked in black, hardened, alien slime.) and give you and your family a chance to have adventures as we discover the jewels of paradise. With no indigenouse life that we threaten, or are threatened by-(Static bursts again, revealing a sleeping alien curled up on the wall.) this is a rare and wonderful chance to make our perfect world. (The entire screen is ingulfed in static, revealing random areas of the town, each image shows more evidence of an attack, or were someone died.) Before we know it, we'll have new visitors come to enjoy our paradise, and make it a wonderful (Commercial is cut entirly. Camera slowly panes down a dirty street, No bodies but plenty of shattered windows and destroyed vehicles. Camera goes as low to the ground as possible. Some parts of the dirt is blackened. In the middle of the street, a Predator folding spear is stuck on its end in the ground, along with a helmet mask. Camera panes as close to the mask as possible, revealing dried, green blood on the side of it. The camera goes into the lense of the mask, and the screen goes black.)



looks good so far, keep it up. ;)



Yea, its look nice...

By any chance are you Taraka of the AvP2 Clan, the Blooded Clan?



Yes I am. Former leader of the Blooded Clan, ran for 2 years straight, becoming the largest clan...then the servers dried up, and my clan broke apart.

Why do you ask?



I was Gro'Tye Thwei ^__^



I know it's not as good as reading everything I've written, but I think it's best I dont post it all, but some parts. This way I dont end up having it stolen.

Here's something I think you guys might like to read though. The Marines first encouunter with their extraterestrial adversaries.

(The Group splits up as ordered. The Predator stealthily follows Mortons squad. We show from a bird eye veiw as her group moves along in a profesional manner. As they progress, it gets darker progressivly. We go back down to street level, the Marines have their lamps on.)

Marine: Shouldn't the street lamps be working?

Morton: I'd say so...

(They all look around the area, each of them noticing the damage of the buildings and the stains of blood on the ground.  As Morton does, however, in the distance, the shadows of a small cafe', she can see the dim sillouette of the Predator, but is unaware of what it truly is.)

Morton: HEY YOU!

(Morton runs toward it, the rest follow behind her. The Predator moves around the corner and cloaks. The Marines each the corner and stop. In confusion they scan the area around them. Morton moves toward the cafe's front doors. As she shones her shoulder lamp inside, we see another point of veiw, niether human nor Predator. It stealthily makes it's way toward the Marines as they pay more attention on the cafe'. The veiwer sneeks up behind the person closest to it, but the marine is unaware untill the veiw rises above him. The hiss of the Alien is heard, and the Marine turns around. He looks up at the face, and just as he screams, we see the inner jaws go straight into the marine's forhead! Everyone turns around and the Alien stands crouched over the crumpled body of it's victum. It hisses at the group, and then suddenly several more Aliens leap down  and charge at the Marines. Morton begins the assault by killing the alien overtop the dead marine, and the rest open fire on the aliens that are charging. Several Aliens die from the assault. One leaps into the air and lands on a marine, his scream ends abruptly. Another Marine blasts an Alien at close range, and is spalshed with the acid blood. He screams in extreame pain as he collapses. He dies quickly. Morton smashes the Cafe' doors open and back pedals inside. The last Marine attempt to follow her, but an Alien swips his neck with it's claws. He falls to the floor, dead. Morton continues to move back slaughtering the persuing Aliens, untill her pulse rifle gives the click of an empty chamber. There is a single Alien left. Morton struggles to remove the empty clip from her rifle as she backpedals further inside the Cafe'. Just as she has a clip in hand, the Alien pounces on her and pins her down by her shoulders. Morton shrieks and struggles to get free, but is helpless to do nothing but watch the Alien open its mouth wide, exposing it's inner jaws. Morton gives out a deffinant Death scream, when suddenly the Alien flies off her and toward the door. It lays on its stomach and scratches at the floor, screaming. As Morton picks herself up, the Alien's back explodes and acid splashes sections of the floor near it, it gives out a death scream and falls limp to the floor. Morton's jaw hangs open in confusion, but turns to fear as the PRedator uncloacks, it's foot on the Aliens lower back, and it's blades Combi-stick in it's back. Morton slows gets to her feet, observing the Predator as it's blank helmet lenses stare at her. Morton reaches for her right thigh holster, grabbing her M4A4 handgun, but before she could draw it, the PRedator leapts towards her and grabs her by her face, lifting her up off the floor. She screams, but it is muffled by the Predator's massive hand. She struggles to get loose, kicking and prying at the Predators hand. Her movements steadily become weak. She stares at the Predator between its pointer finger and thumb. Her vison seadily fads, untill finally she dangles limp from the Predators hand.)



Oi, I'm still working on the script, and I think it's going great, but since there's been a change in circumstances, and there's a 50/50 chance I WILL make this fan film, most likel towards the end of the year. I want to please not only myself, but my audience.

Now, I've stated b4 that it's based mostly around the prime movies of both franchises, and I've got severl parts where they directly resemble parts from the movies.

Is that a good Idea?

An example. After a grueling battle in a cave in the jungle park of town, the Main Charector (Mjr. Zoey Morton) is laying on her back, exhausted and wounded. After a moment she reaches for her pistol near her head with her left hand, when suddenly the Predator pins her wrists between his blades and the ground. She looks up and sees him, mask on, up close to her face. She frees her wrist, lifts her up, and slams her up the side of the nearest wall. He gets up close to her face, we go first person and see he's in infared, but then switches vision modes to Neural. (Predator: CJ) We see her pheromones change from a yellow tone to a light green. We go 3rd Person again and he drops her, turning his back. She watches him slowly step over the bodies of the dead Aliens, then stops and turns back to her. She watches him slowly and methodically unhook the cords to his mask, takes off him plasmacaster, but sets it on a rock. He slowly takes his mask off, but doesent drop it. We see her expression for a moment, then show it's face. (I'm not spoiling what's different from his face to most Predators.)

Now, if it sounds slightly familiar, it's basically the whole sequence from P1 when the Predator decides to fight, mono-e-mono. The differences is not only charectors and costumes, but scenary and setting. Plus it's not leading to a fight scene (they just got done with 1) This part leads to where they pretty much discover they can work together. And they also learn just what the other's intentions are there.

What worries me that people wont like it is because:

A: Since I can't afford a custom soundtrack, I'm using the movie soundtracks, and I was planning on using the same track from the movie.

B: I want to use the same camera angles for some parts of the sequence.

I have a few parts simular to that. If I'm referencing one of the movies I was intending to use the same music as in the movie. (Not always camera angle though.)

So, who thinks it's a bad idea, and who thinks it'd be cool?

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