Alien: Promise Land

Started by City Hunter Yautja, Jul 15, 2021, 10:27:17 PM

Alien: Promise Land (Read 3,127 times)

City Hunter Yautja

City Hunter Yautja

 Written by City Hunter Yautja

The Covenant sailed through the immense darkness. All around it were the holes of heaven, sparkling and dying. The motions of the Universe seemed to take no heed of the ship, this intruder of metal made by man. The Universe had watched many of these vessels traverse its black canopy only to harvest worlds and disrupt the natural order.

David stood on the bridge, the computer chiming and reading on screen that the destination was near. He stood there arms crossed, eying the void, which no doubt his children resembled. Perhaps the Universe had given him the response to human hubris.. The Perfect Lifeform.

The Ship plunged further into shadow, its long haul piercing the deep space, violating it as so many other starships had. Then from this penetration a system appeared, a planet. David walked closer to the window and looked upon the system, it was topaz with peridot masses in square and irregular shapes that were scattered across the blue.

This would be where the Android would make a new world, a Promise Land.


Origae Six
Ten Years Later

On one land mass stood s great city, a colony of steel that stood like a sentinel in the greenry. But it was not a sentinel to protect this virgin world, but the inhabitants within its walls. Across the sea stood great precipices of black rock and caves that went deep in subterranean. A shuttle engines hummed as it crossed the water. Landing with thrusters still armed, several people in white robes were tossed out like discarded oyster shells. The shuttle with its white haul and pointed nose took off and headed back to metropolis. There the two men and three women stood, wet with the dew of their own skin. They trembled, though not knowing why. One of them spoke up, "we should swim back.. I don't like this." A tall dark haired man turned to this young lad. "You'd never make it across, besides the water is freezing." A woman shivered, her body convulsing beyond her ability to control. One of men pointed to the cave opening, "temp is dropping, we must seek shelter." The air was growing colder, leaving these marooned people with only one choice, to descend into cave. The men and women walked into the mouth of shadow, with the temperature growing warm and humid as they went further in. The walls of the cave they could not see, and with each step they felt something slimy, like slugs beneath their feet. They came to an area poorly lit, but discerning  amongst the rock was skulls and other bones strwen about. One of the women shouted, "Oh God! We must go back!" The Man with black hair protested, "We can't, the temperature is dropping, and its warm in here. Lets settle in." This man had made himself presumptive leader. But "heavy is the head that wears the crown." 


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