Looking for Friends and Project: Xenozoa

Started by Queator, Mar 13, 2021, 07:43:42 PM

Looking for Friends and Project: Xenozoa (Read 4,166 times)



I'm posting here with the hope to get some assistance and perhaps make a couple friends on similar wavelengths that I can talk through different projects with. I've noticed I have some pretty strong weak points which tend to put me into a cycle of perpetual worldbuilding instead of helping me get a project done. After many years of study and driving at it alone I've been able to admit I've needed some help for a long time but haven't been able to find it (especially during pandemic). For example, Matt Stone has Trey Parker in southpark, Dan Aykroyd had Herold Ramis for ghost busters, and Daniel Abraham has Ty franck for The Expanse, I'm hoping for a similar partnership I guess.

But enough of that, here's the pitch for my project: Xenozoa.

     After awakening on the commercial freight ship, The Father's Lode, Xeno discovers that he has been removed from whatever nest from whence he came and inadvertently released from containment onto the ship. Guided by his instincts to feed, breed, and grow, Xeno battles the ship's crew to the point they  set the ship to self destruct and escape, but naturally Xeno ended up along for the ride. We follow Xeno after his ship lands on the frontier planet Hydros 720 near an atmospheric processor and follow his growth from a singular Xenozoa into the leader of a hivemind, thus becoming the Zoalord. His struggle is against the people of the nearby Atmospheric Processor Plant and it's surprisingly competent Security Officer, Richard Steele, as well as a quest of self discovery. Who made the Xenozoa? Why are they so mutable? To what evolutionary limits can't they rise? To answer these, Xeno must Feed, Breed, and Dominate.

    Richard Steele, newly promoted to lieutenant after playing an explosive key role in an undercover drug shakedown, is assigned to sleepy Hydros 720's Atmospheric Processor Plant as its new Assistant Security manager. Convinced the assignment was meant to cool off his hot headed tactics he prepares for a long drunken bender in exile on the ice world. When Xenozoa's expanding hive starts to make disappearances and irregularities commonplace, Richard eventually discovers an alien force is taking over the colony and is forced to take control of the situation. To survive Richard must rally the security forces and employ his tried and true tactics: Research, Review, and Repel.

The idea behind Xenozoa is to tell the story of a Xenomorph-like creature and his struggles to raise a hive. As a bio-mechanical creature Xeno is able to ingest and remix acquired DNA into new creatures and build a hive where new organs function as production plants, despite this he requires hosts, which is in short supply on the icy planet of Hydros 720. Xeno then is kind of based off the idea of The Zerg Overmind meets Dungeon Keeper.

Richard Steele, is naturally Xenozoa's antagonist and has his eyes set on a command. Stunted by his superiors he's punished by promotion in exile until the Appearance of Xeno allows him to put his destructive talent into action. Richard's story is somewhat an origin story for the commander of what would become a anti-alien strikeforce called Exoward - a sort of X-COM equivalent. As Xeno grows in power and ability, so does Richard, leading to a very arch-nemesis style rivalry. 

So that's my pitch and even though it might sound like i got it all together, I really don't. My brainstorming sessions to solve my own issues lead me down a lot of distractive chains of thought or continue to build the world sideways rather then allow me to make forward movement. So I suppose i need some help reigning in my ideas and realizing the tropes i should be applying to get past basic problems where i have a habit of overcomplicating things. I'm speaking generally because i really have a mess of issues i'm hoping to hammer out over time with both this project and other projects less related to AVP.  I've joined, quit, started and abandoned various writer's groups because they're either too big to make a active connection with or full of people too new to storycraft theory to actually help me out. So I decided to try probing the fandoms i love a bit more for people on the same wavelength. I'm a architect rather then a pantser so I typically don't start working on something until after i have at least a understanding of it from beginning to end.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to the responses. 

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