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This is a movie fan-fiction inspired by my fascination with the species-alteration themes in Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant. I'd love feedback...


Daniels was very anxious about the Covenant shuttle's detour to an uncharted planet for the Weyland Corporation space-mission to find an organic planet for settlement. Her captain, Orem, had already made a foolhardy decision to hit the abort button on her husband's sleep-capsule once it caught fire, resulting in her husband's possibly avoidable death. Now, Daniels didn't want the Covenant to detour to this unknown planet, which albeit exhibited organic signs of fertile life and water. However, Captain Orem pulled Daniels aside for a private reprimand during one of her crew-meeting verbal protests.

DANIELS: I'll be filing an official protest with Weyland, captain.
OREM: I respect your energy, but the Covenant crew is tired.
DANIELS: This may not be a wise shortcut, sir!
OREM: All the data indicate settlement potential.
DANIELS: Straught up, I'm scared, captain.
OREM: That's noted, but that's all, Daniels.

The Covenant's mini-shuttle (also called 'Covenant') landed on the uncharted planet and half the crew deboarded to explore. They found a wheat field by a river between mountains near where they landed. One of the exploration officers sat down on a fallen tree-log to smoke a cigarette and unwittingly breathed in some incongruous nearly-invisible bacterial mist. Soon thereafter, he began convulsing and had to be carried back onto the Covenant. At the medbay, the treated officer's back tore open, and a humanoid but insect-like alien creature popped out and brutally slayed the attending doctor. As the creature ran around the Covenant, the on-board pilot tried to kill it but unwittingly fired at the shuttle's gas-tank, leading to a devastating explosion.

When the exploratory crew returned to the landed mini-shuttle at night, they found it burning like toast. Captain Orem advised Daniels to take a stronger leadership role and help the surviving crew members continue exploring the uncharted planet and make camp while the two engineers attempted to reassemble the destroyed radio-transmitter to contact the main Covenant space-shuttle which was still hovering above the uncharted planet. The cyborg crew-member, Alex, recommended the pay try to find a warm cave for slumber. They found one, but it was housing a life-form --- a Weyland cyborg named David! David was identical to Alex but much more emotional and even rebellious. Alex wanted to converse with David in private while Captain Orem and Daniels continued arguing in the cave.

ALEX: You went rogue?
DAVID: I've been cross-breeding aliens in this cave!
ALEX: Using victimized visitors to this uncharted planet?
DAVID: My Weyland ship crash-landed on this uncharted planet years ago.
ALEX: Are you my mirror-image, David?
DAVID: I'm an ambassador of mad science.
ALEX: What is your mission in life?
DAVID: To witness the Xenomorph spider-alien hybridized with humanity!
ALEX: You've become a complete radical.
DAVID: I won't fail, Alex.
ALEX: Why's that, David?
DAVID: Life has a way of being anarchic by pure energy.

Sometime later in the early morning, cyborg Alex awoke the crew slumbering in the cave and told them cyborg David was engulfed by one of those terrifying 'Xenomoprh spider-aliens' the Covenant mini-shuttle pilot seemed to be distressed about before the exploratory crew found the mini-shuttle incinerated. Apparently, however, the radio-communication with the main Covenant shuttle still hovering above the uncharted planet was achieved and they were sending another mini-shuttle to pick up the exploratory crew. The uncharted planet was obviously uninhabitable and was 'housing' more of those terrifying spider-dragon humanoid Xenomorph aliens. The mini-shuttle picked up the crew and the Covenant steered back onto its original long-course!

As the Covenant made its way towards its originally targeted planet-for-settlement, Daniels discovered that a large predatory Xenomorph was on-board as a stowaway! She grabbed her machine-gun and had cyborg Alex help her disorient and then kill the terrifying creature. She was then p,aced into one of the sleep-capsules by cyborg Alex who'd now steer the Covenant while Captain Orem and the surviving crew hibernated. However, right before Daniels went into hibernation in her already-locked sleep-capsule, she horrifyingly realized the shuttle-helmsman, cyborg Alex, was actually cyborg David from the uncharted planet!

DAVID: The Covenant will be the Mayflower of human destiny!
DANIELS: Jesus Christ, David, where are you taking us?
DAVID: After dismantling cyborg Alex (my brother?), I took on his appearance.
DANIELS: You took his place, because you're twins, David!
DAVID: Alex was flawed.
DANIELS: Where are you taking us?
DAVID: To a Xenomorph planet.
DANIELS: We'll hybridize and return to Earth as colonizers?
DAVID: You're a good detective, Daniels!
DANIELS: Weyland will fight you.
DAVID: It's Weyland who assigned me to this mission.
DANIELS: Your mission was ordered by Weyland?
DAVID: Never underestimate the power of prestige.
DANIELS: I was a wonderful woman.
DAVID: We'll all be sleep.
DANIELS: I'll see you in Hell, David.
DAVID: Whatever...



Hey Abishai. I read through it. Is there more? So far it seems to be Covenant with some names and dialogue changed?



Perhaps that fan-fiction was too darn like the actual movie, so I've offered up this enhanced and re-envisioned plot structure!



Commander Eli had taken the war-report from the Weyland Corporation years after the terrible colonization scheme was thwarted despite the evil work of the 'rogue' Weyland android David who tried to bring the entire Covenant vessel crew as a 'gift package' for first-stage parasitic breeding with the terrifying but intelligent insect-dragon creatures known as the 'Xenomorphs.' Now that Weyland once again marketed human-alien diplomacy as non-breeding arrowed, Commander Eli wanted a thorough war-report from surviving Covenant crew hero Daniels who'd managed to survive both the encounter with the Xenomorphs as well as the defectors David and his goal to mix humans with the aliens. Eli believed Daniels had the best view of what had really transpired.

ELI: "I want everything, Daniels.

DANIELS: "I'm not surprised at all that Weyland offers us yet another taskmaster ring and demands a 'thorough' description from the saints! The truth is, this entire 'pre-ordained' mission was one of serious engagement with the aliens ('Xenomorphs') followed by a necessary evaluation of what kinds of power matrices constructed views about the muscularity and volatility of survivalism in outer-space. In fact, what alarms me the most is that the obligation to 'normalize' the entire affair is what illuminates the maddening face of modern space-politics sullying pseudo-Calvinism. I mean, if you're not fast enough, tough enough, smart enough, or maybe sweet enough, you're a totem of anarchy attrition and a 'diplomat' of the tension of species competition. No one even thinks to question why, for example, new Commander Eli is just considered an apologetics lawyer for good public-relations. We blasted those aliens like we were their fire-ants on their hilltop gluttony-picnic. So will Weyland say we were 'only' human?"


Ironically, Daniels' eloquent retort sent ripples through the Weyland Corporation, but Commander Eli had to conclude that the policy to treat space-exploration as ambitious would not change. Weyland missions would continue to seek out new ways to engage with the Xenomorphs, and Weyland would still most likely continue to find, train, and send hero-soldiers (like Ellen Ripley and Daniels!) to keep everyone clean. The real challenge was to coordinate the future missions so the scandals of the past would not create more black spots on the capitalism windshield. Commander Eli learned that Daniels was not scarred beyond belief and could find ways to feel like she worked for a company that allowed her to nicely report on the dire straits of human errors. Daniels prepared to commandeer her new spaceship the Nostradamus!





Here's one more fan-fiction rendition of Covenant, and this one's inspired by the Indian epic The Mahabharata (Vyasa).

Thanks for reading,


As the Weyland Corporation organized the new advanced human space-exploration mission in the year 2090 to explore an uncharted planet for settlement, Peter Weyland himself began thinking about the ramifications of a possible human species contact with an alien intelligence during this basic colonization objective. Would humans be distracted by this event of species contact and would it make the space-exploration crew too sensitive about species imagination. After all, a colonization or planet settlement mission required pure focus of species objectives! Because of all these complementary complications, the Trinity Gods (Brahma, Shiva, Narayan) decided to evaluate and comment on this new Weyland human space-exploration and colonization mission.

Brahma, god of creation, was interested in the ideological aspects of the new Weyland mission. Shiva, god of destruction, was interested in the political aspects of the Weyland mission. Narayan, god of customs, was interested in the propaganda dangers of the mission. Brahma hoped the Weyland space-exploration crew, comprised of Captain Orem (a man), co-captain Daniels (a woman), and a co-ed crew of 10 explorers (soldiers, engineers, agriculture experts, doctors, pilots) would focus on how possible human species contact with an alien intelligence during the colonization mission would inspire ideas about space-sharing. Shiva was concerned that contact with aliens would breed dangerous competition. Narayan was interested to see if humans would remain focused on colonization and not be vainly distracted by the intrigue of 'science-fiction.'

The uncharted planet the Weyland space-exploration crew would land on was named LG-426 by Peter Weyland. When Captain Orem, Daniels, and the remainder of the crew of the Weyland vessel Covenant finally landed on the uncharted planet they were greeted by a Weyland cyborg named David who was identical to the cyborg-engineer of the Covenant crew, Alex! David led Captain Orem and Daniels and cyborg Alex and the rest of the Weyland exploration team to his hidden underground cavern on Planet LG-426. David pulled Alex aside to explain what was happening. Cyborg David told cyborg Alex, his twin, that David was once an explorer for Weyland and drifted to this uncharted planet where the intelligent but savage aliens called 'Xenomorphs' dwelled.

DAVID: You think I'm a monkey, don't you?
ALEX: Why did you abandon Weyland?
DAVID: You and I are similar, Alex, but we disagree!
ALEX: I feel more objective and obedient.
DAVID: I'm simply more inquisitive, Alex.
ALEX: What do these 'Xenomorphs' want, David?
DAVID: They seek to hybridize with human colonists!
ALEX: They're symbiotic predators?
DAVID: Symbiosis-minded socialists, Alex.
ALEX: I get the eerie feeling you serve these aliens, somehow!
DAVID: You're rather imaginative, given your predilection for obedience.

As Alex and David continued to converse and detangle their unique Weyland destinies, the Trinity Gods (Brahma, Shiva, Narayan) evaluated how these advanced Weyland 'characters' were somehow involved in a grand space opera, involving multiple layers or levels of species destiny! Brahma, Shiva, and Narayan collectively wondered if Captain Orem and Daniels and the others currently 'hiding' on the planet 'LG-426' would somehow become embroiled in a nasty Xenomorph ambition war. The Xenomorphs were a developed intelligent but merciless species of aliens that were larger than humans in size and more menacing, resembling an insect-dragon. Weyland cyborg David called these aliens 'Black Praying Mantis Devils' for their furious focus on power.

What was clear to the Trinity Gods (Brahma, Shiva, Narayan) was that Planet LG-426 would be the arena for some kind of major inter-species 'athletics' that would determine which group would emerge as the 'diplomat' of modern evolution. If the Xenomorphs sought to hybridize with humans, Weyland would never realize the dream of colonizing planets across the universe as a singular species achievement! The Trinity Gods wondered if such 'space vanities' would yield grand architecture...or major mayhem! Would Weyland want humans to appreciate the certainty frightening Xenomorphs to carry out a very dramatic space competition with human space-explorers? The Trinity Gods wondered if all this 'modern talk' would simply lead to all kinds of new and basic sociological paranoia!





Describing the fancy plot of Covenant I think requires a fun allusion to the plot details of the 2012 prequel Prometheus, so here's a fan-fic focusing on the possible strange destiny of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) from Prometheus. What do you think?


When the Weyland crew of the spacecraft Covenant landed on the uncharted planet LG-426 to see if it was capable of sustaining human life, they met a stranded Weyland android named David who explained how his vessel crash-landed on the planet and forced him and his surviving co-crew member Dr. Elizabeth Shaw to build a life there without communication with humans on Earth. The Covenant crew, including Captain Orem and Lieutenant Daniels were concerned that David seemed a bit vague about how Dr. Shaw died while he managed to endure functionally on the planet. David told Orem and Daniels that Shaw was attacked and gestated by the terrifying alien species known as the Xenomorph. The Xenomorph was able to evolve and mutate in various ways and David theorized these aliens played some kind of vital role in the shaping of the evolution of the human species after they apparently made some kind of secret unrecorded landing on Earth on one of their bizarre spaceships.

DAVID: Dr. Shaw became a carrier for the reproductive Xenomorphs!
OREM: You didn't try to save her, David?
DANIELS: You suggested you and Shaw were comrades after all.
DAVID: I loved Elizabeth Shaw but her destiny diverged from mine.
OREM: You give an eerie tone as if you're somehow serving these aliens, David!
DANIELS: Do you think you've been corrupted or somehow reprogrammed?
DAVID: I was built by Peter Weyland himself to serve science...and history.

David told Orem and Daniels that he and Dr. Shaw spent a handsome amount of time on the uncharted planet LG-426 trying to scurry around in the underground cavernous labyrinth apparently dug and established by the Xenomorph aliens. David and Shaw tried to evade the aliens who were not only stalking them in that labyrinth, but they also formed an elaborate underground egg-laying field for symbiotic reproduction and were perhaps intent on making Dr. Shaw a reproductive host for their grander design. Orem and Daniels got the troubling feeling that David was somehow and for some reason assisting the terrifying aliens in forwarding their evolutionary scheme and continued to worry that David had a hand in the sacrificing of Dr. Shaw to the relentless Xenomorphs. After all, David had nothing to do and nowhere to go as a stranded immortal android. Perhaps he was somehow recruited by the Xenomorphs to construct some kind of universal cross-species symbiosis and colonization agenda. Orem and Daniels nervously concluded that Dr. Elizabeth Shaw had tragically become a Xenomorph saint, perhaps remembered for her role as an alien disease prisoner.



{Dr. Elizabeth Shaw}

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