AvPGalaxy's Let's Play Aliens vs. Predator (2010)

Started by Corporal Hicks, Mar 13, 2018, 09:11:42 AM

AvPGalaxy's Let's Play Aliens vs. Predator (2010) (Read 57,454 times)

Corporal Hicks

Next one is up for the subscribers. Normal release will be next Tuesday.  :)

Petr Švancara

Petr Švancara

Romansky - Ah, yeah. . Do you ever played Evolve? Imagine that game but only instead of monsters with Predators and much, much more expanded. . that will be excellent! I dream my entire life about a proper Predator game, a game wity a huge open environments, full of various animals, insects etc. If the game developers dont be so blind, they could make a game like that already. I mean, if we could have a Destiny guardians flying between different planets, why not have a Predators just like that? Each player will be creating its own Predator from the beginning, I mean. . customize a whole Predator look, tone of skin, and different facial, body features. You should have your own ship (same like in Warframe) you could do a lot of things inside. . collect and display various skulls, use different bones from previously killed creatures to craft your own weapons or your own decorations for Predator himself, or you could collect various planetary (natural) materials in order to repair or enhance them. You could even use your skulls to decorate them (by player) with various Predator clan symbols etc. (Same like customize your car in Forza). You will be flying on a different planets, each with its own type of fauna/flora etc. You will be hunting major creatures, learning their behaviour, their weakness. You can earn an advanced weapons from your Clan Elders time by time by completing some challenges. . earning XP's and evolve yourself. I Imagine this even with some sort of story, and even with the possibility to visit Earth an its locations. Huge open space across multiple star systems in the style of Mass Effect map will be perfect, and possibility to visit these planets multiple times after you fully explore them. All this stuff packed up with the both FPS and TPS type of camera in order to please everyone will be almost breathtaking experience, not only for me. Plus some potential multiplayer in it, both co-op and competetive as well. Give it a solid engine with good graphics and I will never play anything else than this in my life. Too much ideas for a simple non-existing game? Not really, if someone wants to do a Predator game, this is the right stuff for it. No kidding.


This game has some niggles but it overall isn't all that bad, the visuals still hold up well for an 8 year old game and look a damn sight better over ACM. Just got myself a gaming laptop so I might fire this up again soon.

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks


Episode 2 is now up! We had some sound issues with this one - seemed to go out of sync and my volumes need adjusting for the next recordings we do.


I think it's great you're doing these. I've never really been interested in these Let's Play things. I kinda feel, why would I want to watch someone else play a game, when I can play it for myself? Hence, a commentary needs to be outstanding for it garner my interest. I like your voice though and your little nuggets of information. I hope you finish it as doing this is a very time-consuming venture.

Corporal Hicks

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying them. Hopefully everyone else is too. We've recorded up to the 4th mission so far, hoping to get the last 2 done tonight. Then we'll move onto the Predator campaign. I just received my capture card so both of us now have one and we can do console videos too.

Mission 3 is up for the subscribers too.  :)


I haven't played those games but I would be over pleased if MHW would through some Xenomorphs into the mix. Making Xeno weapons and armor...f**k ya.

Corporal Hicks

Hi folk! Episode 3 is now up!  ;D

Local Trouble

Isn't all this cutting into your A:CM time?

Corporal Hicks

We'll get to ACM later.  :)

Mission 4 is now up! Some sound sync issues cropped up again with this one but the recordings are fine so I'm thinking it's something to do with transferring the files across. Using one of those webmail file transfer services as the files are pretty sizeable. Gonna try subscribing to WeTransfer to see if a paid service works better. If not, I'll edit my own recordings going forward.

Hope you all enjoy in spite of the issues!

The Necronoir

The Necronoir

Some quick feedback after just finishing part 2:

- This is probably down to using mouse and keyboard vs controller, but the footage from RidgeTop in part 1 was much easier on the eyes. The constant, lightning fast turns in part 2 aren't so pleasant as a viewer. Doesn't matter so much in the action segments, but in the slow sections could you pan more gently, Hicks? I'd keep the sprints to a minimum for the same reason.

- Regarding the commentary, part 2 also went off-topic frequently enough that I found myself wondering if we needed the footage in the background. It felt more like a podcast. This was especially true when you commented on parts from other AvP games, while simultaneously suggesting you'll do a "let's play" of them in future. What will you talk about then if it's already commented on here?

- Being a hardcore universe fansite, I think your main point of difference is the fact that you can offer minute details on what each game presents, but there were so many lost opportunities here: No pan up to look at the refinery itself, and its evolution out of an atmosphere processor? No comment on the look of this level emulating the feel of FIORINA 161, down to the little candles in the tunnels? No comment on the vehicles being a design mash-up between the rovers in Aliens and the snow cats in AvP?

This is intended as constructive criticism, so don't take it as a complaint. These are just the points that will turn a passable layperson's let's play into a great AvP fan one.

Corporal Hicks

Episode 5 is up. One more to go and we've finished the marine campaign.

I'll respond to your feedback shortly, Necro.  :)

The Necronoir

Don't feel obliged to address it unless you want some additional thoughts or clarification. When I got around to part 3 many of the points I raised were actually rectified anyway, such as that nice close-up and discussion of the combat synthetics.

Whatever you think will be helpful, take on board. Anything else, feel free to ignore and just stick to your guns.

Corporal Hicks

The sixth and final episode of the marine campaign is now up! We'll take a short break and then move onto the Predator campaign.

Quote from: The Necronoir on Apr 13, 2018, 04:04:25 PM
Don't feel obliged to address it unless you want some additional thoughts or clarification. When I got around to part 3 many of the points I raised were actually rectified anyway, such as that nice close-up and discussion of the combat synthetics.

Whatever you think will be helpful, take on board. Anything else, feel free to ignore and just stick to your guns.

I wanted to thank you for the feedback and say it's the kind of response we're happy to get! I'm now conscious of what you said about the focusing on certain elements and not running everywhere. These are our first attempts at this so early-on was going to be a bit rough! Hopefully we'll be able to keep this balanced out for you now.  :)


Will you do let's play of older avp games?

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