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Started by Prototape, Apr 26, 2011, 01:30:41 AM

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I dunno how many of you here play Halo, or who don't, but regardless I need some advice from fans of the AVP franchise... Particularly the game Aliens vs Predator 2.
Since Halo: Reach came out I've been working on recreating some of my favorite maps from the game, complete with a gametype so I could make each race accordingly.  Predators have their usual abilities and large cache of weapons, Aliens get their speed, and Humans are their usual selves. 

What I need help with is judging how well I recreated the maps, and what I could do to improve them.  I've spent a lot of time on this, so keep in mind I tried to take every detail into consideration (dimensions, object placement, etc), but the Reach level editor has serious restrictions.  One such instance is the tunnels in Leadworks don't curve.  I was barely able to complete them at all, I almost had to wipe them out and improvise until I worked something out.  You also might notices some small new details, this was just an attempt to spruce up the maps a bit.  Being a newer game, I needed to add a bit more detail.  Here's a preview of all the maps:


I have a completed description of the gametype if anyone's interested.  I just didn't want to have a huge wall of text explaining absolutely every aspect.
Another thing I really need is people to help test these out to make sure they're 100% ready for release.  Currently Outpost 4 and Compound are ready for testing.  The others are still being prepped.  The test plays will also be used to make a gameplay preview of the maps.  I'll give credit to absolutely everyone who helps.

If you didn't catch it in the video, the maps being remade are:

Outpost 4

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