Predator: Calm Before The Storm

Started by War Wager, Jun 30, 2007, 05:19:23 PM

Predator: Calm Before The Storm (Read 3,147 times)

War Wager

War Wager

Predator: Calm Before The Storm

Location: Antartica, Bovatoa Island
Date: October 10 1904
Time: 0923 hours

Antartica. A beautiful frozen wasteland. Free from human inhabitation. The one place in the world that no-one owns. The wind howled like an ancient wolf yet the the snow fell like leaves falling off a tree. A massive ship comes into view, standing out majestically and proud against the frozen sky. Three small pods shoot out from the side of the ship as it glides silently over the land. The pods whizz down and hit the ground with tremendous force, penetrating the ice. Then all is still and silent again. The wind continues to howl and the snow continues to fall. Suddenly one pod slowly opens and a faint clicking can be heard from the inside.

A huge beast emerges from the pod, its long hair-like dreads fluttering in the over-powering wind. It scans the area, like a hawk watching a mouse. Then the two other pods open and another two of the beasts emerge and do the same. Returning to the pods, the creatures begin to remove strange objects from it. They clip small blades to their wrists, they hang deadly-looking spears on their backs and each one place strange helmets on their cold, ugly faces. They then stand next to one another, one slightly ahead of the others. They begin to treck across the frozen ground, their bladed sandles crunching and grabbing the ice.

Time: 0843 hours

A whaling station. Silent and dead. Chains creak off the cabin walls and the wind whistles through broken windows. But the place is not lifeless. People huddle up in their cabins, around small fires and candels. Despite the temperature, the people seem to be very comfortable. They laugh, talk and share jokes over hot cups of warm tea. All seems to be peaceful and right. A huge deafning blast of light, startling the workers, zooms over head and smashes into the edge of a frozen cliff.

Gasping, the people rush out of their cabins and stare at the huge ice tunnel the beam has left. They stand frozen with fear, un-moving, hoping some brave sole will walk up to it. A young girl slowly walks up, hugging herself to keep her heat. The tunnel is pitch black. The wind howls down into it, making it extremely eeire. Screaming, the girls foot slips and she plummets down the never ending tunnel. The adults dash forward, only to see her gone. Her screams fade, down into whatever hell will be waiting for her down there... 

Time: 1607 hours

Razor, the last surviving of the troi of Predators, staggers his way back up the ice tunnel. His fellow Young Blood hunters had failed in their ritual, both slane by the vicious serpents they were sent to hunt. Razor, however, had survived. Marking himself with the blood of his foe and returning to the surface, meant he had completed his task. He was now a Blooded Predator. He would now be paid more respect in his clan. His task hadnt been an easy one though. His wristblades, spears, dics and gun had been almost completely melted away and a horrible gaunge in his leg still bled. The whaling station was empty. All of its inhabitors now lay dead in the pyramid down below, hosts for the alien feinds Razor hunted.

Suddenly a man shot out from behind a wall. His face was red with the cold and he had terror in his eyes. Seeing Razor, he screamed and ran in the opposite direction. Razor cloaked himself and chased him. The man was innocent, weapon-less and not a worthy kill, but Razor didnt mind this. What bad would killing an innocnt human do to him? Razor leaped through a cabin window and waited on his innocent prey. Sure enough the man walked right into his trap, even sealing his only means of escape. Uncloaking himself, Razor glided towards the man, un-sheathing his lethal blades. One shot remained in Razors plasma gun, he would at least use the last of its power. Razor caught something at the side of eye. A beast through itself at him, mouth ajar. Razor swung his blades.

Obviously this is an idea of what happned before the extended scene in AvP, with the Predator chasing the last survivor...



no no no enough with andersons BS shit about antartica personaly I think this has potential if it was set in a different inviroment remember "The heat brings them to us"

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