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This is just a short story I made to explain to those who do not understand why the Yautja, or Predators, release some Humans. That, and I really wanted to write this.
I really don't have the time to write from the very beginning of the Story Line, so I created a Prologue to bring you up-to-date on what is going on then will drop you right into the action.
Weyland Industries  © 20th Century Fox.
Aliens and Predators  © 20th Century Fox.
Angelica Ammons  © Blackdawn (me).
Rated Mature for: Adult situations, violence, blood/gore and death.

Chapter One:

Thousands of Human families were sent out into space by Weyland Industries to colonize and cultivate various worlds for the better of mankind. For their future.

One colony took root on a lush planet named, LV6205. The planet was lush and full of life and created an excavation site where they would be surrounded by one out of many of the planets various thick jungles. It didn't take long for the colony to create a clearing and build a small Town Square that was surrounded by dozens of living quarters which were all protected by a giant wall encasing around the entire area.

It was so easy for them to colonize the area, and because it made them feel welcome and at home, they named their new home, their town: Easy Life. The, "Easy Life Town."

Once creating a base of operations Scientists, Miners and Farmers were able to venture and branch out into the land.

The Easy Life Colony however was unaware of the jungles past, what it was used for time and time again. It in fact had been used for hundreds of years, before Weyland Industries was even created.

The land was being used as Blooding Grounds by the Yautja.

Every couple of years, between two and five, male un-bloods and Young Bloods was gathered by their elders and veterans to lead them on hunts. The un-bloods to experience their first taste of the thrill of the hunt and to pass into adult hood if they survive the hunt and pass the trials laid before them. The Young Bloods, already in their adult hood, were only given prey to further hone on their hunting skills so they would be ensured survival to earn their own rite to give children and pass into full-blooded Yautja.

The Yautjas tool of the hunt, their most aggressive and ultimate prey: Kainde Amedha. Otherwise known as, Hard Meat, or, Xenomorphs, Bugs, Aliens.

The Yautja were surprise when they learned of the Humans colonizing their hunting grounds. This however did not change their minds in relocating. In fact, to them, it would only add to the thrill of the hunt.

The eggs were laid somewhat close to the compound and as anticipated, some Humans that ventured out became curious of the newly laid eggs and were quickly impregnated.

Distraught and unaware of what they carried within their chests, the colony members stumbled through their town gates and soon became the cause that infected and destroyed their peaceful society.
As their numbers dwindled, a distress beacon was sent which called to the attention of the Marines.

A Platoon stationed not far from LV6205 were given orders to rescue the remaining citizens and destroy all the Xenomorphs.

They were prepared for a Xenomorph assault upon arrival, but unprepared for the giant beasts that awaited outside the city walls. The Yautja.

There was plenty of Kainde Amedha to go around, but to ensure a great hunt, the Leaders planned a tactical procedure amongst their packs to hunt outside the walls for the time being. Waiting for the right moment to hunt the Humans when they were pushed to the point where they would fight back in order to survive instead of turning around and running. And they also awaited for the arrival of the Humans most elite fighting group. The Marines.   

Like the colony members, the Marines dropped like flies, and what few Marines and colony members survived were bunkered together in a temporary safe haven.

Two Marines left - Privates, civilian men, woman and children, even a new born. One woman, Angelica Ammons, took it upon herself to protect the small group and lead them to ensured safety. The Marines Drop Vessel. Equipping everyone able to carry a weapon, gathered from the fallen Marines, Angelica leads them outside the confinements of their tiny, makeshift safe haven and into the bowls of hell . . . .


The next chapter is actually finished, I just need the time to get it posted. Will try to shoot for that this Friday.

The Ultimate Predator

Will read it later, pressed for time at the mo.



post next chapter! a good read for hardcore fans :>



 ;D I like the story, good that someone is writhing on the rules of yautja!
Please post next chapter :D



It really got my attention when reading this, yeah, I would like to read the next chapter please. ;D



Wow...that is awesome, it seems that the people are not going to take any crap anymore.

Master Chief

Master Chief

Right on Black Dawn.  It was very good read!  Just waiting for the next chapter...

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