ALIENS: The Nightmare Within

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ALIENS: The Nightmare Within (Read 5,431 times)



This is a fan fic that I did a long time ago in my creative writing class that only a few people have read. I thought I'd share it with the AvP world and see what everyone thought, I know it's not exactly novel material but, hey see what you think.


   Alarms blared throughout the hallways. Red and yellow lights flashed everywhere. It was them, the monsters. Every school child knows that the Aliens are dangerous. We are constantly fighting them for not only our homes and lives but for our very existence. Every time when we settle on a new planet they have already beaten us to it or simply take over by mysterious means, we still do not know how they move from planet to planet. We loose more and more colonies to the Aliens every month but we are learning from our mistakes and better training ourselves on how to fight them. But sometimes we fail, just like now. The Defense grid protecting our colony has been breeched and the colony is being attacked. The head officers over the colony have ordered an evacuation.
   This is my home, Terminal 946 and how or why this is happening to me I don't understand. My name is Austin Pierce, I'm 12 years old and my family and I are being evacuated onto the last E.E.V. (Emergency Escape Vehicle) to leave Terminal 946. There at the end of the hallway, I can see them, my mother and sister waving at me, calling my name. I find myself running to them, the floor beneath me shakes as the result of a violent explosion. I try to get back up but a crowd of running and screaming people knock me down and I get separated from my family. I'm lost; I can't see my family anymore. All that can be heard is the sounds of people screaming, engines firing up outside and gunfire coming from down the hall. Scared and beginning to cry I turn and look down the corridor and see one of them, jet black hide, long slender head with two sets of razor sharp teeth, a long tail and stood about 6' foot tall. Then gunfire came from the opposite end of the hallway and the beast fell dead. I looked up to see a middle aged, blonde haired man pick me up and began to carry me out the door. He wasn't like the other soldiers, he had a patch on his arm that said S.A.R.T. I was feeling happy; I was leaving this awful place and was going to see my mother again. I looked back only to see bared teeth and...
Austin woke with a fright. His under shirt was drenched with sweat. It was another nightmare. He rubbed his forehead, sweat beaded off. The alarm clock on the nightstand beside his bed read 7:00. He got up went over to the bathroom and turned the faucet on. He washed his face and looked in the mirror, these dreams would never go away, not ever at least until he found his family. Austin was a young man in his early twenties, medium build, short dark brown hair and about 5'7''. He put a new shirt on and slipped his pants on when there came a knock at the door, he was not expecting company this early in the morning. The doorbell rang this time. Austin looked over at the shelf over his television, there was his most valuable possessions, two customized automatic 357 Magnums. He grabbed the guns and put them into the belt he made for them and moved slowly towards the door. Austin opened the door and was greeted by a M.P. with an envelope.
"Are you Austin Pierce?" asked the M.P.
"Yes, that's me, who wants to know?" replied Austin.
"Here." said the M.P. handing Austin the envelope then turned and walked away.
Austin closed the door and tore into the envelope. Inside was a document that was stamped with the United States of America federal symbol. This must be important thought Austin sarcastically. The paper was requesting his presence at the Weyland-Yutani federal building at 9:00 to meet with Kyle Kademan. Why would Kademan want to meet with me, Austin thought. Kyle Kademan was an important political icon as well as head of the bio-weapons division of the Company, so he was well known. Most people consider this an honor but Austin hated the Company and all they stood for, he would go but he thought of this as a joke. Just as Austin put down the invitation on the counter the vidphone rang. Austin hurried over hopping over the bar stool and pressed a button to answer it. A familiar face lit up the screen, Austin's friend Matt Arnold.
"Hey there, did you just get up?" asked Matt.
"Yeah." answered Austin.
"Lazy bum, get up and get moving! Seriously meet me at the Pub tonight." said Matt.
"Why?" asked Austin.
"Because I said so and so we can talk." answered Matt with a smile.
"Don't get me started this morning, alright how's 6:00 sound?" replied Austin.
"Sounds great, see you then." said Matt as the screen went blank.
The Pub, Austin thought, I could use a drink. Austin looked at the clock again it was now 7:38. He finished getting ready by putting his overcoat on to conceal his guns. He locked up his apartment and hurried off to his meeting with Kademan.


   The Weyland-Yutani federal office building was very large. The smell of industry and big business filled the air. Austin stepped through the huge glass sliding doors into the main lobby. The lobby itself was massive, polished marble floors two elevators on both sides of the room and a fountain in the middle not to mention the chairs along the walls for people waiting for appointments. The secretary at the receptionist desk looked up at Austin and motioned for him to come over.  
   "Mr. Kademan will see you now he has just finished his meeting." said the secretary. "Fifth floor, third room on your right."
   "Alright, thank you." replied Austin.
   The elevator took him straight up to the fifth floor. When the doors opened he was greeted by men in business suits waiting to get inside the elevator as Austin was stepping out. He walked over to the third room just like he was told. The room was large. A big rectangular table sat in the middle surrounded by black leather chairs. The walls were a dull gray while the floor was black tile. A man stood by three large bullet proof glass windows over looking the city of New York. Air taxies flew by as the man turned to face Austin. It was Kyle Kademan. He was a young man about medium height and build, brown hair and was wearing a dark blue business suit.
   "Ah, Mister Pierce I presume?" asked Kademan.
   "Yes that's me." replied Austin shaking his hand.
   "Please, take a seat." said Kademan motioning for Austin to sit down as he sat in the chair at the head of the table.
   "Alright cut to the point, I don't like the Company and I don't like politics so what do you want with me?" said Austin suddenly.
   "I see, well it's a simple business proposition. Several transponder teams have been sent to a colony to check out why some transmitters haven't been allowing communication between Earth and the colony but none of the teams have returned we fear the worst." said Kademan. "That's why we called for you, you and your team are the best in the field am I correct?"
   "We are the only ones in our field." replied Austin. "Just where is this colony?"
   Kademan coughed a little.
   "It's...well...we thought seeking you out would benefit us." said Kademan.
   "Where is it?" asked Austin beginning to get mad.
   "Terminal 946." answered Kademan. "But you must understand no one else will go. That's why sought you out because of your history there."
   "Did anyone tell you why no one will go there? Huh? Because it's infested with Aliens, my family disappeared that day they attacked, I've been searching for them ever since." said Austin.
   "Our scans show no xenomorph activity there, it's been completely cleaned." said Kademan.
   "You are also full of shit. I used to live there, I know what happened." replied Austin.
   "Yes, we know this, that's why we are prepared to help you find your family if you do this for us. We will fund you a ship, supplies, anything but first you must go to Terminal 946." said Kademan.
   "If I do this?" asked Austin.
   "Yes." answered Kademan.
   "I want my crew only no one else, no synthetics." said Austin.
   "You got it." said Kademan. "Anything else?"
   "Just know this, I'm doing this for my family not you or the Company." said Austin with a forceful tone.
   "I take that as a yes then, well my assistant Mr. Biggs will contact you with all the details." said Kademan.
   Austin took one last look at Kademan and walked out. Kademan put his hand on his chin and sat for a moment. The com-link on Kademan's desk buzzed. He answered it as Mr. Biggs spoke.
   "Well, what did he say?" asked Mr. Biggs.
   "He has agreed, in a manor." replied Kademan. "All we need now is the final preparations."

   Austin did not notice how much time had actually passed in his meeting with Kademan. Before long it was time to meet Matt at the Pub. Austin hailed a taxi and climbed in. The Acturian cab driver looked into the rearview mirror.
   "Where to, bub?" asked the cab driver.
   "The Pub." replied Austin.
   The taxi pulled up outside the Pub. Austin paid the cabbie and climbed out. Pink neon lights lit up the name of the Pub on a sign. It had been a long week but now all he needed was a drink to take his mind of things and his friend Matt was waiting for him. He thought a lot of his friends someone whom he could trust especially in this day and age.
   The Pub was packed as usual. The inside was dark; the smell of cigarette smoke and beer filled the air. The bar had a few people sitting at it. He looked all around for Matt until he spotted him in a corner booth and hurried over.
   "I was wondering if you were coming." said Matt.
   "Sorry, I was taking care of some things after my meeting." replied Austin.
   "Kademan sent you a letter too?" asked Matt.
   "Yeah, how did you know?" answered Austin. "Did you get one as well?"
   "Yeah, another wild goose chase. But I can get anything if I go!" said Matt. "I ordered you some crown."
   "What did you ask for?" asked Austin.
   A devilish smile spread across Matt's face.
   "Wait, never mind I shouldn't ask." said Austin. "So what's Adam up to these days?"
   "He's on assignment on Acturis." replied Matt. "Ryan didn't get a letter from Kademan so I guess I should fill him in on what's going on when I get back home. He is crashing at my place."
   "Oh, well then I guess Adam won't be going with us this time." said Austin.
   "Say, why don't you come with me in the morning to see about our supplies?" asked Matt.
   "It's already being taken care of besides I have another stupid psychiatric evaluation in the morning." replied Austin.
   The waitress came over and set down their drinks before walking on to the next table.
   "Oh, another one of those, well I wish you the best of luck." said Matt.
   "Yeah, thanks, they are supposed to help with the nightmares but they don't." said Austin.
   "Dreams pass in time. Wow it's getting late, we better be going." said Matt looking at his watch.
   Matt stood up and held his glass up in the air to Austin's. Austin looked at him funny.
   "Cheers to the mission and what ever else happens." said Matt.
   "Cheers." said Austin hitting his glass against Matt's.
   "You get to pay." said Matt.
   "What! You must be lost your mind." replied Austin surprised.
   "I was only kidding. I'll pay for them after all its not everyday I can have a laugh with a good friend." said Matt.
   "Awe, that's sweet, now get out of here you crazy joker." said Austin sarcastically.
   The two of them finished their drinks and walked out together. The next two weeks would be tough getting ready for this mission. They have been on many missions, faced many dangers but this one seemed different to Austin. Maybe this time he would find them, his family.
   Austin locked up his apartment and shifted off to bed. No bad dreams tonight he thought to himself. I hope.


   Mondays were always terrible or at least this one was. Austin was lying on the couch in the psychiatric evaluator's office. He didn't want to be here, he had much more important things to be doing. This afternoon he was going to S.A.R.T headquarters to meet with the team and start preparing for the mission. The psych doctor walked in the room. The doctor was a middle aged blonde haired woman named Dr. Ellen Smith.
   "Alright Mister Pierce, how have the dreams been coming?" asked Dr. Ellen.
   "Worse Doc. I've been having more and more nightmares, each one worst than the last." replied Austin.
   "I see." said Dr. Ellen "Well then apparently the medication isn't working."
   "I don't need medication Doc, I need to stop these dreams by finding my family." said Austin suddenly.
   "Austin, when are you going to accept the fact that they are dead?" said Dr. Ellen.
   "They are not dead."
And with that Austin got up and left the room and the office without paying leaving Dr. Ellen speechless. He was angry; he knew his family was still alive, he just knew it.

Austin hailed another taxi that would take him to S.A.R.T headquarters. S.A.R.T. or Special Assault and Rescue Team was created shortly after the human and Alien war broke out. It was a highly trained special tactical unit who would rescue civilians in hostile enemy situations. Austin was the leader of S.A.R.T, he was a master marksman and served as a second degree pilot. Matt was the teams demolitions expert and he loved every bit of his job. Ryan was the team's com-tech who took care of all the computer and communications equipment. Adam, the last of the team was a 1st degree black belt who could use just about anything to kill someone. It was said by Austin that Adam could kill a man thirty-five different ways by only using his hands.
The cab arrived at S.A.R.T. the building was dull looking, no windows, gray stone walls and two large durasteel doors. Matt had asked Austin to come after his examination because he had a surprise to show him. Austin thought to himself I don't like surprises, what could this boy want to show me?
The main lobby was a bit better looking than the outside, black polished marble floor a potted plant here and there and one big desk that sat at the back of the room. This is where the officer Jake sat. Jake was a tall brown haired lanky fellow. Austin often thought this is the guy who is supposed to protect the lobby?
"Matt is waiting for you in the tech lab." said Jake never looking up from the sports page.
"Alright, thanks." replied Austin with a nod.
Austin stepped onto the big S.A.R.T symbol in the middle of the room which was actually an elevator. He stepped off the platform and into the tech lab. The lab was very clean and bright, computers and other equipment lined the walls. Inside the tech lab was Austin's favorite room, the weapon vault. He could see Matt sitting at a computer typing away. Austin walked through the doorway and crossed his arms.
"Well, what is so important that it just could not wait?" asked Austin.
Matt turned around startled.
"Well it is something you will like." answered Matt with a devilish grin. "You can come out now."
A woman walked from around the corner. She was about the same height and age as Austin, long straight red hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous body. Austin felt his heart beat a little faster. She was beautiful but not helping the fact that Austin loved red heads.
"Hey there cutie my name is Lisa, Lisa Reeves, I have heard a lot about you Mister Pierce." said Lisa.
"Yes I bet you have." said Austin shaking her hand and turning to look at Matt with an evil look on his face.
"Lisa is our new field medic, Austin." said Matt.
"Well that's great we have needed one of those ever since the battle of Ta-knab." said Austin. Matt gave Austin a hard look as if he were telling Austin not to bring that up since it was a sore subject, it was the time that Matt nearly blew his own leg off standing next to a land mine that he set out.
"Austin stop staring at Lisa's breasts." said Matt.
"I was not!" yelled Austin punching Matt in the arm while Lisa just chuckled.
"I can tell working with you guys is going to be fun." said Lisa. "I'm going to go check on those samples you gave me Matt."
Lisa walked off out of sight and Austin turned to face Matt who couldn't do anything but smile.
"Where on Earth did you find that piece of work? You know I can't resist red heads." said Austin taking a seat next to Matt.
"Well I ran into her in the Pub actually. She was looking for a job and I asked her what she did and she told me she was a fully trained field medic, so I hired her." said Matt.
"Did you also tell her about the danger we face in this line of work. The black, drooling, acid spitting, blood thirsty kind of danger?" asked Austin.
"Well no but she has had her own run in with them as well." replied Matt. "Just remember that this is a job not a dating service."
"Hey who's the boss here?" replied Austin with a smile.
"Well I know you. You have a girl friend from here to Acturis." said Matt.
Just then Ryan walked through the door.
"Hey Matt, Austin, where is Lisa?" asked Ryan.
"You knew about her too? When were you two planning on telling me this?" asked Austin.
"Sorry, Matt wanted it a secret for the time being." said Ryan.
"You punk you!" yelled Austin at Matt.
"What? Sorry boss, forgive me for not telling you there is a hot babe working on our team now." said Matt sarcastically.
Austin couldn't do anything but smile. The phone rang next to Matt's work station. Matt rolled over in his chair and answered it.
"Docking bay 15, Monday morning, alright, gotcha." said Matt.
"Who was that?" asked Ryan.
"Well that was Biggs Terrington, Kademan's assistant, everything is taken care of the ship, our supplies the works." replied Matt. "All we have to do is load up our own personal equipment and get this the name of the ship is the Colby."
"I guess we need to get started packing then." said Ryan.
"By the way how was your psych exam?" asked Matt turning to face Austin.
"Don't ask." replied Austin.
"That bad huh?" said Matt.
"I would much rather us go in our own ship." said Ryan completely off subject.
Austin and Matt both turned to look at him puzzled.
"Where did that come from?" asked Matt.
"I just got a bad felling about this one." answered Ryan.
Austin's smile turned into a frown.
"You always say that, I got a bad felling about this drop, well when we get back without you, I'll call your folks." said Matt.
"You couldn't get back with out me anyhow!" said Ryan.
"Oh Yeah?" replied Matt.
"Alright guys knock it off, we got plenty of work to do around here that fighting amongst ourselves." said Austin.
The three of them started working on various things to get ready for the mission. Ryan and Matt continued to bicker but all Austin could do was think about two things: his family and this Lisa girl. He liked her but didn't want anyone to get close to him, not now anyways.



Oh my god, this is actually very good. I do see it as a possible novel. How long until the Aliens arrive? (not counting chapter one.)

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