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This is a fic i started aggggggggggggggggggggggggggges ago, but due to school and crap like that i never got around to finishing it, so i'll post it here, and hopefully some people will say whether i should continue or not. 


It was a nice, hot, summer's day in Somerset, England...... well, that was at least how Pvt. James Easterly remembered it. Now, though however, he's stuck on the planet Milacron, although it's now called Lv-7045. Easterly had been assigned here when he had just joined the Marine Corps. The colonist's had been complaining about people getting killed, having their skulls taken off their bodies and then being left to hang, skinned and tied to trees, also many colonists had been disappearing, so far the colonists were certain there was no over life forms on the planet. However, a long time passed with no contact from the colonists, the last message beforehand had been, 'There's not many of us left!!! Somebody must help us! This is no longer about money... IT'S ABOUT SURVIVAL!'<br> "Hey, Jimbo! You still with us, man?"<br>"Huh...wha?" Was all Easterly could reply, after he had fallen asleep, on the ship USCM Rebuttal.
"Heh, same ol' Jim" Said Lt. Patterson.
"Listen up, you maggots! We have been assigned to go to this planet and find out what's happened to these colonists! I don't want any goddamn crap out of any of ya's! We are the elite, and we are not going to make a mess of everything, AGAIN! Do you understand Private Thompson!!! We will not throw live grenades into a room of human beings!!! Our ETA is around 25 minutes. So saddle up!" The man then left the room.
"Jesus, what crawled up his ass and died" Said Pvt. Tully
"Probably one of those Xenomorphs or Predators, he claims to have seen" Easterly replied.
"Yea!" Probably Patterson laughed.


Vy'drach looked around, ever since he had been banished to this planet he had always felt alone. Although he was a Blooded Warrior, he had always felt second best to his peers. That is why he disobeyed orders on a hunt, that is why he was responsible for the death of 5 other clan members and that is why he was on the planet Milacron now. He always thought he could make his father, the great warrior, Tarei'hasan. He remembered when his father would look over at him when Vy'Drach was training in the Kehrite, and how proud Vy felt when he defeated a sparring partner, to the approval of his father. He also remembered vividly when he was the cause the his fathers death, when he moved out of the way of a small Kainde Amedha causing it to latch to his fathers face, laying its egg inside him. He remembered the tears when he saw his father kill himself, so as to not let the Kainde Amedha young come alive. Vy looked up at the night sky, and saw an unfamiliar sight, there was an Ooman ship approaching the planet. He got to his feet and roared. Finally, another hunt to begin! Vy hurriedly gather his equipment, and put on his mask and to his amazement and horror, saw Kainde Amedha flooding out of a cave heading towards him. Vy turned and began running towards the old Ooman buildings, he heard the screeches of the monster echoing through the silent night, Vy approached the compound and heard sounds, he hadn't heard since he had killed the last of the Ooman there, he activated his cloaking mechanism and leaped onto the top of the small roof.


"What was that!?!"<br> "What was what! Jesus Thompson, I could swear you get more paranoid by the minute" Replied Gnrl. McDougal.
"Hey Sarge... what if it was like... one of them Xenothingies or a Predamawotsit?" Thompson questioned.
"For god sake! Their real!!!! Real, I tell ya!! I seen em, I seen em all!!!!!!!" Shouted Sgt. Lewis!!!!!!
"Jeez, Thompson! Now you got the Sarge all worked up. Anyways I guess we better head off into the compound." Easterly said.
The group then headed down further into the compound, they came upon a large group of corpses.
"My god what happened to them?" One of the soldiers asked.
"I dunno but whatever it was, it must have been at least 2...3 months ago now." Patterson said.
"Come on troops, we can't dilly daddle around here, anyways have we got anything on the motion trackers yet." Gnrl. McDougal asked.
"No, nothing so far" Tully said "Wait, hang on I've got something. It's...err... 15 metres to the right."<br> The troops advanced towards where whatever it was, was.
"7"<br> "5"<br> "Okay it should be right through this door."<br> "Johnson! Open the door."<br> "Do I have to? I mean...why not..."
"Open the *pauk*ing door!!!!"<br> "Sigh... okay"<br> Johnson approached the door, his hands sweating with fear, he reached out to the door panel, and pushed down on the unlock button.
SWOOSH! The door zipped up and the troop stared in awe at a small rodent.
"Hey, what's that in its mouth?"<br> "Looks like a piece of paper, a note."<br> "Well, don't just stand there grab it!"<br> Johnson reached out, but the rodent darted through his legs and went back down the corridor.
"Well, go after him Johnson"<br> Johnson sighed again and then jogged down the corridor after the rodent.


Vy'drach looked far off into the distance at the Hard Meat heading towards him, he jumped again, onto a higher roof, and listened to the Oomans below.
"Open the *pauk*ing door!" He then heard footstep coming back the way he came. Vy'drach continued following the Oomans movement eventually he couldn't hear them anymore, as they had gone into the sub-levels of the complex. When he was sure it was safe, Vy'Drach slammed his spear down onto the roof crushing it, he fell through and switched vision modes, he could see a trace of the Ooman heading down the elevator, he heard a sudden scream and turned as an Ooman sprinted past him and fell down some nearby stairs, Vy turned back and saw 3 Hard Meat approaching him, he readied himself and got into attack stance as the first creature pounced, Vy'Drach sidestepped and brought his spear down cracking the creatures spine. The second one crashed into Vy's torso sending him backwards, knocking him into the controls off the Elevator. The doors began to close, Vy continued swapping blows with the creature, the other creature occasionally hissed and begun forward, strange Vy thought, it seemed a little timid, In his distraction the Hard meat managed to knock him backwards, but Vy returned with a kick in the chest of the creature knocking it into the jaws off the elevator, Vy turned back to the last Kainde Amedha and stood proud as he heard the creatures body snapping. Vy, rushed towards the final creature and swung a horizontal blow at the creature, Vy looked back at the creature standing there, not moving. He laughed a small laugh of relief as he saw the upper body slide off and onto the ground. Vy sat down exhausted after the battle, he wiped his spear clean and stood up, and in the distance he heard more screeches. He wanted to stay and fight but he thought better, he turned and made his way down the stairs. Not once turning back.


The troop kept on going through the never-ending corridors, not ever coming upon a living soul, every now and then there would be a few corpses but nothing special.
"Ok troops, 5 minute break"<br>The troop breathed a gathered sigh of relief and just sat down and rested.
"Hey Sarge... shouldn't Johnson be back by now?" Tully asked.
"Yea, he should. Where the hell could that *s'yuit-de* of gotten himself!?"<br> "Hey, Sarge look!"<br> Everybody looked down the dark corridor at a figure approaching them. It was Johnson! But he looked injured.
"Johnson! Where the *pauk* have you been!"<br> All Johnson could reply was a few garbled sentences; he passed over the note to the Sarge. It was smeared in blood.
"2 sets of Hunters!! We're the prey! We've got to get out of here....' Well at least you got the damn note. Johnson....JOHNSON!!!"<br> A large shadow crawled out of the darkness, unravelling its features. It pulled its tail back, readying for attack.
"O dear god!" Were the last words Pvt. John Johnson ever said. As the tail came forwards impaling him, spraying blood all over the troops. Every single troop opened fire on it, its blood getting flung all over the room. The creature and Johnson both fell to the ground. Dead. The troop turned towards the Sergeant who was shivering uncontrollably
"It's a Xenomorph.....its a Frickin Xenomorph"<br> "Sarge calm down, its dead now see!"<br> "More.... Hundreds more"<br> "No, Sarge it was only one..."
Suddenly the whole troops heads turned down the corridor as they heard hundreds of screeches, echoing in the dark night.
"*c'jit*!"<br> "Everybody this way" Gnrl. McDougal shouted.
The troop quickly began sprinting down the corridors, looking for a way out.
"General look! There's an exit there" Pvt.Thompson breathed with a sigh of relief. He ran to the door and opened it only to be met with a few hundred alien faces.
"Oh, *c'jit*!!!!" Thompson opened fire onto the swarm but they over powered him and dragged him in.
" No! No! Get off me!! Get off me you *pauk*ers!!!! NO! NO! Yeaaaaaaargh!!!!!!"<br> The troop turned and ran back the way they were heading. The screeches getting ever louder and louder
"Oops!" Pvt.Tully said.
"What?"<br> "I dropped a grenade!" Pvt Tully said
"Well that's good dammit!" The General cheered.
Behind them a huge explosion hoisted them through the air sending them flying forward. They all turned back to see the roof crumble in, trapping them.
"Cough, Cough. Ahem, exactly how many grenades did you drop Tully?" The General quizzed.
"Erm..... About.... All of them" Tully replied.


Vy, was walking down the corridor, occasionally he would hear Ooman speak, and then the sound of their Burners. It seemed that they had found some hard meat. Vy suddenly stopped... he was standing at the entrance to the hive, only 1 warrior had ever faced an Entire hive alone, and that was the great warrior Dachande. Vy got out his disc and made his way in.... the walls looked weirdly eerie, covered in a substance secreted by the Hard meat. Vy turned and threw his disc, 3 of the creatures were behind him, he managed to get the first, but the other 2 were still advancing, he got out his spear but one of the creatures hit it out of his hand with its tail. The creature than pounced at Vy'Drach, Vy struggled to stop the creature, it managed to slice his mask, only causing sparks to come off, he was holding it off with his fist to its throat, he thought it the ideal opportunity to try out his new wrist blades. He extended them and they went right through the creatures neck, the creature got off of Vy, and started stumbling around choking, it finally fell to the ground and gargled a bit before going silent, the last creature turned towards Vy and pounced Vy turned to try and slice it with his wrist blades but he missed and the creature sliced his arm with its tail. Vy roared in pain as the creature picked him up, its mouth opened about to send its inner mouth flying out at him, ending his life. Vy grabbed the mouth with the last of his energy and squeezed down hard, but the thwei oozing out of the creature began burning his hands, Vy thought to himself this is it. Its over. But then he saw his disc in the distance Vy held his hand up to the creatures face and the disc came zooming back slicing the creatures head in half. Vy dropped back down to the floor. He laughed a small laugh of triumph and got to his feet; he turned and made his way back down the way into the Hard Meat nest, until he was completely shrouded in darkness.


The troop continued down the dark corridors. None having spoken since Tully dropped the grenades. They knew the barricade wouldn't last very long. Suddenly one of the motion sensors bleeped, every single troop turned their heads towards the small device, the beeping getting ever constant, eventually they reached where the beeping was coming from, they all looked up and saw a small piece of rope.
"Hey... you think I should pull it?" Lt. Harrison asked.
"No I don't think it's a good idea..." Patterson said
"Aw, come on what's the worst that could happen" Lt. Harrison, gleefully replied.
With that he yanked on the rope. Nothing. He continued yanking on the rope, SNAP! The rope broke at the top and a stockpile of bodies began raining down on them.
"AW *c'jit*! We gotta get out of here!!!"<br>The troop began heading down the corridor again; they soon came to another intersection.
"Harrison, Patterson, you take the left tunnel, Tully you take the Sarge down the right tunnel, me and Easterly will go straight ahead." The General said "Hopefully they'll come back together, and well.... If not..."

Vy'Drach, continued down into the hive, he stopped, his hearing was finely attuned to anything... a small scuttling sound... one of the Hard Meat young.... Vy looked around his mask didn't detect anything so he kept on going. He was surprised... he didn't expect to get this far in with so little resistance. Vy pivoted on his foot and stared directly at a Hard Meat egg. He got out his disk and awaited for it to open... he then noticed what it was going to implant its young inside... another Yautja!?!? Vy quickly rushed towards the egg and impaled it deep with his spear, he then tore off the bindings that held his Brethren to the wall and got him down, and the Yautja woke up. He looked up at Vy and said...
"I am Tokoma, the Great Dragon. But my clansmen call me Scar"<br> "What are you doing here?" Vy asked.
"I assume that you are Vy'Drach? Are you not?" Scar asked.
"Yes, that is me" Vy replied.
"Well, I and a few other Yautja were sent to retrieve you from this planet. But we were attacked and the Hard Meat captured us."<br> "Why? Why were you sent to retrieve me?"<br> "The situation on our homeland has grown dire. The Hard Meat gets stronger by the day. So I was sent to retrieve all Yautja in exile, and bring them back to help defend our homeland." Scar said.
"Is it really that bad?" Vy said. Remembering fond memories of his childhood.
"Yes. There seems to be more than one..."
Scar was cut off by loud shrieks off the Hard Meat that had surrounded him and Vy'Drach.
"Do you have your weapons?" Vy shouted
"No, only my Ki'cti'pa" Scar replied.
"That'll have to do!" Vy shouted back as the hard meat closed in.
Vy got out his disc and threw it, it sliced through around 7 Hard Meat before eventually stopping. Vy started the attack slicing at 3 with his Wrist blades. It was no use they kept coming; meanwhile Scar was dominating his foe with slices everywhere. Vy got his combi stick and started doing his routine with which he had trained with, He slashed at the creatures, blood spilling everywhere, a quick back thrust and more blood spilled, he was Paya! The conquering warrior. He continued the assault on the creatures driving them back, but more and more came, Scar now too was getting overwhelmed by the Hard Meat.
A distinct roar was heard in the distance. Vy and Scar kept fighting even though they knew the inevitable.
SWOOSH! A disc flew over the head of Vy, SHWISH! A net trapped 3 Hard Meat against the wall. Burner fire was reigning all over the place, the alien shrieks quietened as they retreated into the distance. Vy looked around astonished by the 6...7 Yautja that were appearing around him!
"My clansmen!!! I thought you were dead!?!? I was just about saved by Vy'Drach here." Scar said.
"Vy'Drach?" One of the larger Yautja stepped, forward with a complicated pattern engraved into his mask. "It seems our mission was not in vain after all. My name is Tah'Kri... Great Steel, but call me Celtic! Our other clansmen here are Arawn. God of War...he was The First to get a kill on his first hunt. That is why we call him that. There is also Pabuk, Voo'Khan, Gro'Tye Thwei, and Gon'Vak. We lost 2 others in our fights, but we escaped thanks to Gro'Tye's quick thinking." Celtic said.

All Feedback is Appreciated ;D

johnny dangerously

johnny dangerously

I liked it,  please finsh it!    J.D.

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