Predator III ~ as written by Me, the Dark_Magician

Started by Vader the White, Mar 28, 2007, 02:32:35 AM

Predator III ~ as written by Me, the Dark_Magician (Read 5,715 times)

Vader the White

Vader the White

I decied to write a Pred III story. On word, I do this in a font that looks just like the font on movie scripts. Most of the characters in this story is named after people who I know.


Written by Dark_Magician

Chapter One
   Space, a small ship is flying towards Earth. (Wow, this was pretty much how I started Alien: the Beginning!) Streaking down in the sky, the ship was heading for Northern Illinois...

   A group of friends were going towards to a campsite they have been going to for years. The friends were going to their senior year in high school next year and decided to have a camping trip before summer ends. "Just half an hour till the campsite!" said Josh. "Man, I can't wait! This is going to be an awesome trip!" said "Keith. (Man, I am bad with names. I might as well name then Dude 1, Dude 2, etc. Or person who is going to die 1, person who is going to die 2, etc. I got to stop with the comments) "Yeah!" said everyone else. (And every bit of talking so far end with !s)

   "Come on everyone! Let's start setting up camp," Josh said. After fifteen minutes, they got camp pretty much set up. All except for... "Dang, we forgot firewood! I'll go get it," said Forrest. "Make sure you don't get attacked by a bear!" Everyone laughed.

   Forrest was whistling while picking up nice pieces of firewood. Suddenly he heard a twig on the ground snap. He stopped whistling and looked around. 'Well, there is nothing there. I must be imaging things.' He continuing gathering wood and whistling. Then he thought he saw something. Then he saw something running at full speed at him, with some form of blades coming out of its wrist. The last thing he heard was his own bloodcurdling scream. (This is similar how I ended the 1st character's memory in Alien: the Beginning)

Chapter Two

   Everyone heard the bloodcurdling scream coming from the forest. (oops, I made a pun) The worst part about it was that Josh's girlfriend, Sarah, was one of those very prissy and easily scared girls. (You know the type boys used to pull pranks on back in 2nd grade.) She was making even louder screams that made gut juice curdle instead of blood. "Will you shut up!!!!!!!!!" screamed Amy, a good friend of Keith and Josh (who you can guess are the leaders of this gang). "Why should I?" asked the very annoying Sarah (Josh really wants to dump her, but he knows what happened to the last guy who did that. He's now in physical therapy and visit's a shrink everyday. And it's been 1½ years since then.) *slap* Amy slapped Sarah so hard, it was very hard not to laugh and say ,"YES!!!!!!!!!" Sarah was knocked out cold. "Just put her in her tent and Keith, Bob, and me go investigate. Come on, guys," Josh said. "I'm coming too. I don't want to be here when she wakes up. She'll make noises that will permanently destroy my hearing," Amy said with the tone that Josh knew well. She wasn't going to take no for an answer. "OK."



Is this set in the present?

Vader the White

A couple of years into the future, about August 2009.


 ??? Hmm... as a "super-big-fan-of-predators" I must ask, why did he attac Forrest? was he armed? If not it got to be a bad blood pred. And if its not anything like that your story dosnt follow the pred films and magazines... and that sucks   :-X

Vader the White

He's a bad blood. Just wait till later.


 ;) ok, god!
Then I cant wait fo chapter three! ;D

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