HIDEOUS PLASTIC - YouTubers, FaceBook Veterans Needed to Spread the Word.

Started by windebieste, Jan 18, 2017, 02:28:45 AM

HIDEOUS PLASTIC - YouTubers, FaceBook Veterans Needed to Spread the Word. (Read 12,059 times)


I Gotta Start Promoting this Book Now. But I Need Your Help.

I know there is interest in a book about this old toy and now I need to generate further support for it prior to launching the KickStarter campaign in March.  Right now, I'm not reaching a wide enough audience and this is largely because I'm not dedicating adequate effort on my part to social media.

I recognise Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great platforms for spreading the word so it's essential and even mandatory  to have a presence on them.  I've done my task scheduling for the next 6 weeks and dedicating the time needed  to make these platforms work in favor of promoting the book is currently beyond me.

I need people who are adept in these areas to pick up on this Project and promote it.  I really need this to happen so that I can continue to focus on the other many tasks still at hand, that is pursue costs to generate a budget, prepare the KickStarter campaign and prepare the book for eventual publication.

Dedicating my time to working in these essential areas and not have my efforts eroded away by gaining experience in social media is what I should be doing.  I really need people to step in and realise this Project is worth promoting via their long established accounts on these social media platforms.

This is critical simply because KickStarter, where I intend to float this Project to raise money to publish it, is highly dependent upon those social platforms.  Be successful on Facebook and/or YouTube and just about any KickStarter campaign is a walk in the park.  Fail in those areas and success is dramatically reduced, adding anxiety and concern to the Project and its campaign as a whole.

The whole social media aspect is where this will all come together if I am careful and this is of big concern to me due to my lack of presence.  I need help in promoting the book on these platforms by people who can already reach thousands.  Without such assistance, the success of this Project diminishes dramatically.

The bottom line is I need to get people excited about this book and I need your help to do so.

This is a 200+ page book and nothing like it exists.  It's unique in what it encompasses and endeavors to explore.  You can purchase any number of books about the movie itself and how it was made.  You can buy novelisations, novels, reference material and comics until your shelf is flowing over.  There's an abundance of action figures galore that can be found with ease.  But there isn't a single book dedicated to comprehensively exploring the merchandise surrounding these movies.  Not one.  Well, maybe just one.  HIDEOUS PLASTIC is it.

Right now, I need support on social media.  If you really want to see this book be a success on KickStarter, then tell people about it.  The campaign is scheduled to be announced in early March, just weeks away!  I would hate to delay it due to lack of support.  Please help me make this happen.  Spread the word via FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube.  I need to generate all the interest I can right now on these platforms to make this Project be successful later.

Don't forget to direct traffic back to the HIDEOUS PLASTIC web site, if you can!  It has so much more to offer.  It will assist you to get to know everything you need to know about the book in the About the Book section and the FAQ.  Take a peak into the Collated Works while you visit.  There's Reviews, several image Galleries and a treasure trove of other online links and resources regarding the 1979 ALIEN action figure buried in there.  The site has no shortage of content - and at an excess of 200 pages, the same can be said about the book.

Thank you for reading this request.  Help me make a difference to this Project by supporting it now.  I'm' relying on you now to help push the awareness of this Project out to the World.

Help me do this and I will get this book into your hands.



Do you have a Facebook page set up? Or a YouTube channel? Instagram could also be a good place, plus right into FB and I'm sure you've got a lot of pictures.

If the answer to those is no, PM me.


Set up a FB, I'll share your posts through Strange Shapes, and you can answer etc questions directly if need be (a LOT of people on FB love this stuff, especially over at the W-Y Bulletin.)


I have a Facebook page. 


I also have a YouTube account.  Just one video on there, though.  I have to do at least one more of those for the KickStarter campaign.  They take time - and practice and it has to be better than the disposable announcement video I did myself (when absolutely no one knew what I was working on at the time and had to do absolutely everything that way to get to this point). 

In which case, I'm going to need assistance on making a video for the KickStarter campaign.

I don't have an instagram account.  Not yet anyway.  I've got my hands full right now with gathering costings and budget.  One thing for sure, it gets more detailed the deeper you go into it.  So much to do between now and March, I'll have to squeeze it in somewhere.  All the same, I may take you up on your offer. 

Thank you for your assistance and interest.  Both of you.  Every little piece of help and information contributes to this ambitious Project being successful.



I'm a videographer, I'll make your next video if you want. Free. Set up an Instagram account, gimme the login details, put a stack of the photos you've already got on dropbox and I'll run it for you.


Thank you for the outstanding offer.  I'm actually quite taken aback and more than just a little impressed by it.  I'll consider it to be a vote of confidence on your part and accept it.

This goes on my list of things to do today.  I'll PM you later with details and discuss it further. 

At least working in dramatically different time zones isn't going to be the big issue for us, unlike some other Projects I've worked on.

Once again, thank you.



Not at all, I love these kinds of books.

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: windebieste on Jan 18, 2017, 09:38:44 PM
I have a Facebook page. 


I believe Val means something more like this:


Rather than a personal Facebook account. And I completely agree. You'll reach a far wider audience.


For sure - and I agree most wholeheartedly.

Right now my personal resources are very limited.  As it is, I have spent all morning writing correspondence to various people regarding the book, quotes and costings and general responses to questions - and I'm still not done yet. Which is a good thing of itself but these are replies to backend responses to my own investigations.   

I will have to investigate this option later.


System Apollo

Careful how you choose to promote yourself as well. Facebook charges you for promoting your page. They guarantee just under 10 hits and sometimes, if not most, the people it generates have no interest in your niche. A bit of a bugger. My apologies that Global AvP is not that popular and won't have the capacity to produce any significant marketing. What I suggest is perhaps come up with a strategy and have SiL, Valaquen, me, Hicks and whomever is willing to help you function it to meet with what you want to accomplish?

Le Celticant


if ya need Motion Graphic / VFX work for video just ask me.
I'll be glad to compose another soundtrack for another video too if needed ;)



@SiL:  Nice to see the instagram gallery starting to take shape.   Thanks for doing that.  Takes a load off of me for sure. 

@Le C:  Don't worry.  There will be another video.  Once it's ready to have a soundtrack added, we can discuss it further.

@Apollo:  It's not a problem.  I appreciate all the help you have afforded me.  Including setting up a forum on your site.  That appears to be getting interested people looking at it everyday.

Right now, I'm looking at winding up my tasks set out for me for the closing days of January and moving onto the next stage.  February will be spent collating and processing information.  I'll be working out the final details for goals and rewards.

Yep.  That's right.  As of Feb.1, I'll commence working on the KickStarter campaign.  With some good planning, this will give myself enough time to finalise details before the campaign is announced and launched on March 1. 

Well, that's the current goal - and if the schedule sticks. Terrific!  If not...  Still gonna happen.   ;D



I've commenced working towards the KickStarter campaign for this book.  More details can be found here.



Excellent!  I've already started filming the Big Chap

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