Huge Aliens: Dark Descent Art Blast Released!

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jul 12, 2023, 09:41:27 AM

Huge Aliens: Dark Descent Art Blast Released! (Read 2,326 times)

Corporal Hicks

Tindalos Interactive’s Aliens: Dark Descent, the latest entry in the Aliens gaming catalogue, has been out nearly a month now and has enjoyed a very positive response from critics and the fandom alike. With the release behind us, and many gamers having delved into the world of Lethe, now begins the fun post-release period!

A major art blast of behind the scenes artwork and images for Alien: Dark Descent has been released via the ArtStation Magazine, featuring plenty of artwork from Sergey Kritskiy, Raymond Sebastien, Emilien Morisset, Baptiste Doux, Yann Masson, Axel Martin, Jean-Philippe Putod, Camille Rousset, Ewen Blattes, Valentine Bouic, Arnaud Grimber, Sébastien Aubert, Benjamin Odonne, and Laurianne Martini.

I have included a selection of images below, as well as links to each of the artists own ArtStation profiles above. Be sure to check them out for even more art from Aliens: Dark Descent. Beware spoilers. 

Axel Martin's Heavy Pulse Rifle.A render of hive scenery from Sean Philippe Putod.Syd Mead inspired artwork of the Otago by Benjamin Odonne.Concept art for Dark Descent's stylized take on the Alien Warrior by Raymond Sebastien.Exploration of Colonial Marine character designs by Arnaud Grimber.Inside the Otago's hanger by Aubert Sébastien.The Ancient Citizen by Benjamin Odonne.


Alien vs. Predator Galaxy also recently sat down with game writer and narrative designer Thibaut Claudel for our podcast which we will be releasing in August, so keep an eye out for that one!

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bobby brown

Very nice!

Apparently, those Nostromo space suits were initially going to be used by the player. That would just be...*chefs kiss*

Perhaps something that will resurface in an eventual DLC?


I love the green highlights like AVP Extinction on the Alien here. It is a pretty great time to like Alien and Predator stuff.

Still Collating...

Sooooooo some interesting info here! From looking at all of the art and descriptions available.

Kritskiy, calls the Space Jockeys - Ancients. But one of the other members who done the concept art show a more literal Space Jockey Head/Helmet and literally calls the pictures Space Jockey environments. So it's obvious that it all started like that, but Fox probably meddled in and said they had to be referred to as something else. All other instances refer to the place as Xeno city and Kritskiy is the only one to call the creatures Ancients.

Oh and cool that the whole biomechanical city is alive and that the Ancients grow out of the city protrusions. Really weird but interesting stuff.


I didn't play the game, but now i am curious.
What the hell is the Ancient Citizen?

Is there new Space Jockey lore in this game?

bobby brown

Not written lore, but well, yeah.

The Ancients are what one of the artists refers to the space jockeys as.

Makes sense as the term "space jockeys" doesn't really hold up.


I'm probably not the first one to notice but anyway:

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