New AVP Classic Level: The Real Sewer

Started by Olde, Feb 22, 2016, 02:34:47 AM

New AVP Classic Level: The Real Sewer (Read 1,638 times)



Whipped this up today, a retexture of a level from the original AvP99, which I call The Real Sewer. As you can probably guess, I wanted to make it look like an actual sewer. I think the original is ugly and dumb, and while it's already dark, it looks nothing like an actual sewer because it just recycled textures from the marine bases in the campaign. To install, place the map (.rif) files into the avp_rifs\custom folder, and place the RealSewer graphics folder in the graphics\envrnmts folder.


Comparison shots below:

Corporal Hicks

It looks gorgeous mate. Very nice work!


I've recently updated both the deathmatch and coop versions of The Real Sewer with an independent file structure, some geometry changes, and texture refinements. This reduced the size pretty decently as well. These were some things that I had wanted to fix for a while but just now was able to get around to. Full list of changes below:

  • Removed vents and minigun from deathmatch version of the map. This was an original mistake with the Redux mod from which this map was based. These are retained in the coop version of the map. The holes in the ceiling were patched and the vents and alien generators were removed from the deathmatch version.
  • Removed the Redux mod texture from the smartgun.
  • Refined a number of wall, floor, and trim textures, some because they were stretched and some because the wrong texture was applied.
  • Added an independent folder for the graphics files.
  • Removed duplicate textures from the pack.

The download link is the same as in the initial post. The new version of the maps will be available in the next update to the Universal Map Pack.



Today I've just made another update to The Real Sewer deathmatch and cooperative maps. In addition to fixing up a few texture issues, I've finally been able to implement an idea that I have had for it since even before starting, yet up until recently wasn't able to do. I revised some ceiling geometry to place a sewer grate at the top part of the map. Through tiny openings in the grate, you can barely make out a sky behind it. A small light on the other side of the grate gives the effect of daylight dimly illuminating the area closest to the outside. This should give a better impression of being in an actual sewer. The following screenshots showcase what I'm talking about. You might compare with the last screenshot in my first post from 2016.

The download link is the same as in the original post. The universal map pack will be updated at a later time with this most recent version.


Incredible work, as usual.

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