Paul W.S Anderson or The Strause Brothers for AVP3?

Started by DARIAS93, Aug 29, 2008, 02:46:07 PM

So who do you think deserves to return and direct AVP3?

Paul W.S Anderson
145 (78%)
The Strause Brothers
41 (22%)

Total Members Voted: 179

Paul W.S Anderson or The Strause Brothers for AVP3? (Read 71,999 times)



So who do you think deserves to direct AVP3? and give a really good reason why.


Neither, because both directors f**ked up the predators and aliens.



David Twohy.

Uncanny Antman

Where's the button for "No more AVPs at all"?


Neither one but if I had to choose id have to go with the Strouse Brothers.


Quote from: Uncanny Antman on Aug 29, 2008, 05:37:29 PM
Where's the button for "No more AVPs at all"?
That's a good option as well. :D


If I had no other choice in the whole world and I had to hire one of them, I would pick Paul Anderson.

I would only choose Paul Anderson because he has more experience and if he's allowed to direct a hardcore R rated film with a big budget I know he would do better! The Strause Brothers really suck as directors because they were given the freedom to direct an R rated AVP film and they still failed BIG TIME!

Paul Anderson managed to direct a better AVP film even though it was PG-13. I would rather give him another chance since I thought the first AVP had better fight scenes, better special effects, set designs and overall story. AVP-R had nothing going for it, the story sucked, the characters sucked, the visuals to the entire film sucked, it was a shit smear in the end.



I would rather have Paul Anderson then the Strause Brothers again.

He didn't make that bad of a movie really. The only to "big" problems with AVP was the dialog and the fact it was PG 13 other then that it was a fun good movie.

If another AVP is made I'll be hoping they bring back Paul Anderson rather then the Strause Brother or some new guy.

Le Celticant

Well i rather want to see Paul W.S. Anderson to direct an AvP3 than the brother strauses.
If ADI work as they did with wolf for the predator and the alien from the first avp and Paul anderson got an R-rated i think we can have a very interesting movie.

Johnny Handsome

Strauses again. No question.



I'd like to see what Paul Anderson would do if you could direct AVP3 It would probably be in space or some jungle.


The Strause Brothers have no excuses for their hackery, they already showed what type of directors they are with AVP-R. They had enough budget and the freedom to make it rated R to show off their true colors as directors, they failed!

I don't give a shit what they made at the box office, it's still a shitty as movie. It's nothing like the movies like X-Men, Blade, The Hulk, Iron Man, Batman, Transformers, The Matrix, Underworld ect. This movie is a shit smear, heck it doesn't even come close to the first AVP and when that movie first came out it was number 1 in the theaters. Kill all that noise that AVP-R was a low budget financial success, no it wasn't! A movie with Aliens and Predator should hands down be a box office killer, a gold mine. AVP-R was no where near a box office killer, lol pathetic.

The BS need to stay the f**k away from this franchise period and go back to Mtv. Just because David Fincher started out working in Mtv doesn't mean every single air head wanna be director from Mtv can be as talanted as him.



i would really like to see P.A take on the 3rd film even dough the first film it wasnt all that great but let him do it r-rated and let him do it hes way we might see something good come out of it. saw hes new film DEATH RACE and man i must say that movie its awesome action violence and believe it or not a buy able story line..


I gotta see that movie.


Paul Anderson made a decent film that was entertaining.
The Strause Brothers made a piece of crap that I couldn't see.

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