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Predator Films / Re: The Predator Behind-the-sc...
Last post by BlueMarsalis79 - Today at 03:28:28 PM
Ey Legion!

It appears Alien and Predator have been quite close to Noah Hawley for a while then.
Quote from: xxx on Yesterday at 06:50:58 PMSo, I was sculpting a Predalien and tried both versions with/with no dreadlocks.
I've to say, I like the "dreaded" head better:

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I like the color and brightness in the style of a newborn baby. reminds me of the chestburster.

I actually like that design more than the adult version. 8)

And I second Kradan's question...where have you been with all that beatiful stuff !  ;D
Predator Films / Re: The Predator Behind-the-sc...
Last post by Immortan Jonesy - Today at 03:16:34 PM
What the hell is that?! a geko-like hybrid? ???  I remember a leaked script had some spider-like creatures. Thanks for sharing. :o
Recreational Area / Re: The Drawing Thread
Last post by Immortan Jonesy - Today at 03:13:20 PM
Quote from: Kradan on Today at 09:44:09 AMToday at 10:45:39 AM

Quote from: Immortan Jonesy on Today at 08:04:55 AMI draw a couple of spaceships. I've always been obsessed with hammerhead spaceships for a reason. ;D

I like it when an artist has some balls to use bright vivid colours. Good job !

Thank you! I like to use bright colors to highlight my amateur drawings, I feel like that does them some justice sometimes. I still have a lot to improve, but since it's just a hobby I really enjoy it.  ;D :)
Recreational Area / Re: Just Talk.
Last post by Local Trouble - Today at 03:10:00 PM
Finally reaching out to Randy, eh?
Recreational Area / Re: What are you listening to ...
Last post by xeno_alpha_07 - Today at 03:04:08 PM
For some reason I have this James Bond theme stuck in my head.

General Film/TV Discussion / Re: The Evil Dead Thread
Last post by Kailem - Today at 02:12:35 PM
I've been having fun with it, yeah. I love how atmospheric it is, and it's a ton of fun when you find the cabin (even if it doesn't take very long to explore, because it's a cabin, and sadly has no cellar area).

I'd say if you're interested in getting it, it's worth it.
an effort on his part, not theirs (the showrunners)

EU would be better off just going on their own way. Just make it its own universe.
Would be much better for all the writers and artists working on it.
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