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Author Topic: Holden  (Read 4021 times)

Aug 17, 2020, 02:19:23 PM
Topic on: Aug 17, 2020, 02:19:23 PM
What's really striking about Alien sci-if horror storytelling is the way it caters to our general social fears regarding the absolute frailty of constructed customs in times of great discovered uncertainty, which makes our beloved canonical frightening intelligent Xenomorph alien creature so symbolic of our human fascination with evolution and disease!



The newly-assembled Weyland Corporation space-exploration crew of the flying vessel the Wraith was set to fly to the uncharted planet LG-426 ('Venus') in the wondrous Rai Galaxy ('RG'). Captain Holden manned the vessel and would command a skilled crew of male and female human flyers, engineers, scientists, doctors, and of course trained soldiers, all assigned to investigate the signature weight of a mysterious intelligent communication signal emanating from Venus and detected and half-analyzed by Peter Weyland himself! Weyland told Captain Holden that the flying crew of the spaceship/vessel Wraith would be expected to scour the planet LG-426 ('Venus') to see if there was a sentient species there seeking engagement with our species and obviously to determine if this engagement was possibly hostile. Holden explained to Weyland that the space-company could expect positive results and then conferred with his second-in-command Daniels, a smart and attractive woman, on the space-vessel Wraith about the eeriness of the general mission to LG-426 ('Venus').

HOLDEN: It is required Daniels I tell you our mission is deep!
DANIELS: Doesn't it seem our mission to Venus is some conspiracy?
HOLDEN: What do you mean?
DANIELS: Well, sir, I mean why is this Venus signal potentially hostile?
HOLDEN: All Weyland's told us is that we may contact aliens.
DANIELS: Well, it'll either be an honor or a nightmare.
HOLDEN: Right!

As the Wraith landed on Venus, Captain Holden comforted and encouraged his flying Weyland crew. He then assigned 5 of the 10 crew members to de-board the Wraith to explore this uncharted planet LG-426 ('Venus'). The remaining crew would man and guard the landed Wraith. Holden looked calm but pensive, and he joined his second-in-command Daniels in the 5-member planet trekking crew. Daniels told Holden she was honestly relieved all 5 trekking crew members were seriously armed with handheld laser-cannon rifles called Duzis. The Duzis were invented and designed and supplied by the Weyland Corporation which had established special political immunity. Holden told his trekking crew on Venus that they shouldn't get distracted by all the deep blue water and rich and weird vegetation on Venus and just keep an eye out for any living intelligent aliens. The trekking crew stumbled upon a dark cave by a small mountainside on the planet while exploring and decided to go inside the cave.

The Duzis the trekking crew were armed with were equipped with bright UV-lights, so Holden and Daniels were able to confidently command their Venus trekking crew to proceed to explore the dark cave with good courage. Since the exploration crew had seen no signs of intelligent life on the planet, Holden thought it'd be sane to explore the seemingly singular and only cave on the planet, found in the large radius area the crew was exploring. Daniels radioed the 5-personnel crew still manning the landed Weyland vessel Wraith and informed them of this cave exploration development and assured them they'd return to their vessel safely. Meanwhile, Holden continued to cheer on the cave-exploration crew as they realized the cave was immense and actually an entrance to a giant underground labyrinth, obviously constructed and designed by an intelligent species. This underground labyrinth included pod indentation structures in the walls which were housing and feeding humanoid creatures with liquid-filled functioning transparent tubes!

HOLDEN: I think we've found some underground civilization!
DANIELS: What if these humanoid in these liquid-pods are vampires?
HOLDEN: Vampires, Daniels?
DANIELS: Yeah, what if the signal Weyland detected was some lure?
HOLDEN: Lure, Daniels?
DANIELS: Yeah, a lure to draw in an ambitious species to this cave!
HOLDEN: Well, to see if we respect their lives?
DANIELS: Right; if we shoot or puncture one tube, a trap would release!
HOLDEN: It's a fine thought, Daniels; I've always found you attractive.
DANIELS: This isn't the time to flirt, captain.
HOLDEN: Daniels, my job is to create humanity when there is none.
DANIELS: So our company is all about psychic powers?
HOLDEN: No, I'm the only space-doctor.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

Sep 02, 2020, 05:52:37 AM
Reply #1 on: Sep 02, 2020, 05:52:37 AM
Holden and Daniels submitted their reports to Weyland and were promptly assigned to commandeer a new vessel called Covenant back to the planet where they discovered the underground labyrinth filled with humanoid semi-Xenomorphs in liquid-supplying pods. This new Weyland mission would involve the recruitment of human civilization ambassadors to return to the planet where Holden and Daniels discovered the underground labyrinth and try to awaken the semi-Xenomorph beings in the pods. These human ambassadors would present a human face to these aliens in the hope that there could be constructed a hybrid colony in which the politics and imagination of humans and Xenomorphs would be rightly blended. Holden was excited but Daniels expressed concerns and questions like, "What if these semi-Xenomorphs aren't impressed by our human imagination once they're arguably rudely awakened from their underground organic pods?"

The human civilization ambassadors recruited for this new and adventurous Weyland mission happened to be modern era media gurus and entertainment world celebrities. These ambassadors included a big movie star and his model girlfriend, a reputed Hollywood film-maker, a media and television guru, a famous world musician, and a film and tech industry imagineer named Robert Frost. This was indeed an impressive collection of human civilization ambassadors who were to engage with the discovered semi-Xenomorphs on the planet the Weyland vessel Covenant was flying to and share with the aliens Earth imagination in the hope of forging a hybrid colony where ideas about underground organic sustainability would be mixed with humanity's views on exuberant diaogue and network driven lifestyle (e.g., Facebook, MTV, Outland, etc.). Everything was finally in place for Peter Weyland to boast that his exploration company had produced a way to build an alien colony comprised of two vastly different ways of social thinking. Hopefully, these semi-Xenomorphs weren't going to be obstinate.

HOLDEN: This was a doomed mission from inception, Daniels!
DANIELS: Man, I told everyone we're underestimating these aliens, captain.
HOLDEN: When we awoke those semi-Xenomorphs from their pods, hellfire ensued!
DANIELS: Captain, I'd like permission to confront Peter Weyland himself.
HOLDEN: You hate him!
DANIELS: No, I hate his company.
HOLDEN: Even Weyland couldn't predict the aliens would spew acid!
DANIELS: What we've discovered is a form of new danger.



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Nov 08, 2020, 02:21:27 AM
Reply #2 on: Nov 08, 2020, 02:21:27 AM
Here's one more addendum to my series about the symbolic Weyland explorer/detective/soldier/captain Holden. Thanks (and enjoy!),


HOLDEN: Are you telling me you've discovered a planet inhabited entirely by female Xenomorphs?
WEYLAND: Yes, and we're telling you to select a crew to explore the planet and bring back photos!
HOLDEN: Wow, I feel like a real anthropologist.
WEYALND: Don't be a scavenger.
HOLDEN: Who can afford that with the Company, sir(s)?

As Holden and his crew of the Weyland vessel Titus set sails for the lanet Xanadu in the galaxy Rai, Captain Holden secretly wondered the metaphysical ramifications of finding a human-unexplored planet inhabited entirely by female Xenomorphs, which were called Fem-Xens (FXs). If these FXs were as virulent and predatory as their male counterparts when grouped together entirely as a single species gender, would they consider human contact more friendly than if there were regular male and female Xenomorphs occupying the human-unexplored planet? Captain Holden wondered this for a long time and ultimately decided to refute the Weyland command to deboard the vessel Xanadu carrying only flare-guns and no laser weapons. In fact, he armed the entire crew with both laser rifles and laser pistols. He considered what he was doing of ultimate priority, regardless of the unverified claims that only FXs occupied the unexplored planet.

HOLDEN:I ordered my men to fire on the violent Xenos on Xanadu, sir(s).
WEYLAND: You weren't aware they were all females, Holden?
HOLDEN: We did confirm that fact, sir(s), but equally sensitive to their violence.
WEYLAND: So these female Xenos were equally aggressive as the males then.
HOLDEN: While that is certain, we're unsure if this aggression was prompted or not.
WEYLAND: You mean they may have been defending themselves?
HOLDEN: That's correct, sir(s), and we're simply too poor to allow the time to negotiate.
WEYLAND: So you simply opened fire, retreated and departed Xanadu after the aggression?
HOLDEN: Correct!
WEYLAND: What's your conclusion, Holden?
HOLDEN: When a Xeno exhibits any sign of violence, you stand prepared and become defensive.
WEYLAND: So you had no inclination to investigate the rationale of these aliens' violence on Xanadu?
HOLDEN: I grabbed by crucifix necklace, sir(s), and only prayed for prompt retreat from the unexplored planet.
WEYLAND: Well, Holden, you've certainly exhibited due diligence in terms of prompt responses for crew safety!
HOLDEN: Perhaps scientists from Weyland can establish more communication based inquiries with these female Xenos.
WEYLAND: Well, if we do, Holden, you won't be involved; you're just a soldier.
HOLDEN: In any case, it's been an honor to stand at the ready position!
WEYLAND: Good; we'll keep you informed if your laser mind is required again.
HOLDEN: I'll pray for a prompt peace between humans and Xenos in the distant future.


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