What the real AVP movie should be about.

Started by Ace Predator, Nov 02, 2010, 08:58:42 PM

What the real AVP movie should be about. (Read 1,854 times)

Ace Predator

Ace Predator

Hi, almost everyone of you want an Avp3 movie in space and i agree with you guys. I have a great idea for an avp3 movie which is kind of like Corporal Hicks is idea for AVP3:

In the year 2134, Weyland Yutani's company head to a new planet to research aliens (not xenomorphs) and they already have xenomorphs in their ships. But when they land on the awesome planet which is cool like in Avatar, one of the scientists make a lion mixed with xeno (xenomorph) DNA specie. But the sleeping drug doesn't work on the lion-xeno and it breaks free and starts to free the other xenos from their liquid tubes. Weyland is not on the planet though, he is somewhere else. The xenos have facehuggers to impregnant the humans. There are hundreds of aliens. A week later, 13 Predators arrive. The 3rd in command predator is Jaguar Predator. The 2nd in command is Xeno predator of which is a predator which has extracted alien dna on himself so he has an alien tail and stuff. Now for the main predator, he is the Ace (or Alpha) Predator. This Ace Predator is the first in command. He is the most deadliest Hunter in the universe. A few hours later, Colonial marines arrive in a ship to help the weyland yutani company, but instead it heads into trouble. There are 60 marines. THe marines don't see the cloaked predators but start fighting aliens and many of them die. Then the predators begin their hunt. The jaguar predator gets impregnanted with a predalien. The predalien becomes a PredQueen. The rest of the weyland company arrive just when there are about 3 marines left. But the weyland company brings in all its best weapons and robots to destroy not only the alien hive and the predators, but also the 3 marines. The 3 marines have to fight back and find a way to leave. In the end, both Ace Pred and Xeno Pred fight the last of the aliens including a predalien which burst out of the Hound predator. Ace slices the front of the predaliens face while xeno fights the aliens. In a big surprise, an alien tail bursts out of the xeno pred's head. ace has to fight the predqueen, but ace rippes off its head and at the same time the predqueen impailes ace. Ace self destructs his mechanism and at the same time the 3 marines exit the planet. NOTE: there are queen aliens, predator hounds and predator birds and ace predator has a unique kind of wrist blade which spins.

Tell me what u think about this. And tell me a rating for it out of 10 pls. ;D


Sorry to say, not one bit of that made any sense to me.


Gonna be painfully honest, I really didn't like it.


Shouldn't this be in fan fic?

And my rating out of ten would be probably a bit rude.

The Alien Predator

No offence or anything, it would be good for a fanfic, but I don't think it would work on screen. Predator adding xeno dna to themselves doesn't work, don't they already view predaliens as abominations?

It is cool for a fanfiction, but for a film it will not work, sorry. 

Ace Predator

Ace Predator

ok  so ill have the Xeno Predator outta it. :-\


Quote from: SM on Nov 03, 2010, 10:08:30 PM
Shouldn't this be in fan fic?

And my rating out of ten would be probably a bit rude.

It's rude to say that. Just be honest like the other posters were.

And anyways, man, just keep writing don't give up because some people didn't like it. As fan fiction it would be enjoyable, but as the others said I don't think it could work on screen.

Oh, but I did like the Lion-Xeno mix, that would be interesting to see.

Alexa Chung

to be honest this is better than both avp films


Have you considered writing out the complete story and posting it on a fanfiction website?  As far as movies go, I am one who actually likes many things about AVP and AVPR so my opinion will be different than most lol.

My two cents: If you were watching this on the big screen, how would you like to see this played out? Would you be able to keep up with the all of the variations of creatures?

It takes courage to post up your ideas, good for you!


Started off pretty cool, then got a bit messy at the end. I would like to see a short story fan fic though. The idea would work well for fan based movie. Any artists out there care to draw up some conceptual art for the lion-xeno, that would be epic.

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