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Aliens:Shipment (Read 833 times)

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Aliens: Shipment

LV-435 was a wet, damp, and humid planet. The air was not breathable in human standards. Only one continent was on LV-435,it was all jungle and marshes. The oceans were fresh water seas, but the water was black and no telling what might live down there.

John Harrison and his group were sent down from the orbiting small cargo ship The Lusitanian to this hot hellhole to find if there was any survivor of a crashed cargo ship. Marcus, Adam, and Jason were the others in the group. Their suits' helmets were circular and gray. The visor was a reddish color. The entire suit was a grayish color almost like the helmet. As they walked hot, moist, red giant leaves slapped up against them. They were getting exhausted.
"How much freaking longer." Marcus said over the intercom.
"It should just be a few feet to the lake it crashed in." John said.
They reared around a small hill and went down a slope. John pushed a leaf away and saw the lake. The water was pitch black. The ship was in the middle. When the ship had crashed it crashed nose first into the water. So the back part of the ship was above the black water and the rest was below.
"I'm not going in there." Marcus said.
"Stop being a coward." Adam said.
The four stared at the water. Them Jason piped up" I'll go in first."
"I am not stopping you." said Marcus.
Jason wadded out into the water. It was warm. He was half way to the ship. His feet barley touched the bottom. The suits were very light, and flexible. When Jason had reached the ship he pulled out a cutter. He pushed against the side of the ship. Sparks started to fly. While he was cutting the other tree swam over. Finally Jason was complete. He pushed the ship fragment into the crashed ship. He heard it hit metal then a splash. Jason looked into the square hole. Down the shaft he was looking at black lake water, then something floated to the surface. Jason almost gagged. It was a human body. He turned and said "No survivors."

They were getting back onto the ship that would take them back to The Lusitanian, when John turned around. He heard a noise. It was like something crawling on the floor. He did not think twice about it.

On the ship the four were wearing their common clothes. John started to hit on this one flight attendant. Jason and Adam talked. Marcus he just walked to his room locked the door and lay down to sleep.

He was about asleep when he head something move on the floor. He peered at the floor. Nothing. Then he felt something on his leg. He saw a pale spider with a long tale. It leapt at his face. The spider wrapped it's legs around him, and it's tale around his throat. He felt something go into his throat. Marcus Jackson went unconscious.

Chapter 2
A new life

Marcus awoke. He was all sweaty and his throat hurt. As if something was pushed down it. Then he saw it. A face hugger laid on the floor, it's legs curled up. Marcus felt an enormous pain in his chest. He grabbed it. Blood soaked his clothes. He started to scream, but nobody would hear him due to the walls being sound proof. Then in one lunge a chartbuster exploded out of his chest. His guts flew across the room. Blood splattered on the wall. Marcus fell on his bed, dead.

The chartbuster wiggled it's way across the floor. It was searching for a way out of the room. No way out. It knew it needed food to grow. It coiled it's self up and jumped on the bed. It started to devour Marcus's body.

Hours passed, the chartbuster had shed its skin. A small black xenomorph stood upon the dead skin. Looking around the room he saw no way out. He went to the door. He put his claws in between the door and the metal frame. It pulled and pulled. The door slide open. He ran out into the hallway. Nobody was there. He the ventilation system. It pulled the grid of the square hole and climbed in.

The rest of the crew was at the cafeteria, having a party. The captain of course was at bridge. John looked around. He thought to himself 'I wonder were Marcus is? he is usually down here. I know he likes parties. And where is Jason?" He left and ran to Marcus's room. The door was pried open. "What the hell?" he said. He walked in, and what he saw almost made him vomit. Blood every where and a spider-like thing on the floor. He saw Marcus on his bed with his chest ripped outwards.

The xenomorph crawled through the ventilation. It felt heat. The xenomorph went to a grid. It opened the grid, and climbed down. It was in the engine room. A dark place, since the lights did not work. Due to a collision with a small meteor a few weeks ago. It walked over to a door. The door was open, and the xenomorph walked in. The room had a low ceiling and was very large. A computer desk sat at the wall, actually the whole entire room was filled with computers. A light was on by the desk. A man was sitting on a chair at the desk.

Jason sat in the engine room and was at a computer typing. He was trying to fix the lights. He was mad! The captain told him to leave and fix the lights. He told the cap tin to get new lights, but the captain said they tried that and the lights did not work. So it had to be some thing wrong with the main frame. He was in the lighting fixtures section, when he thought he felt something in the room. He turned and saw nothing in the dark room. He heard something move. He grabbed the flash light and got out of the chair. He walked to the door of the room. He turned and looked back into the room. The only thing he heard was the sound of computers buzzing. He started to walk back to the desk computer when he felt movement behind him. He turned and saw nothing. Then a force pushed him to the floor. He felt a weight on top of him. Then he felt a pain in his end. It was over.

Chapter 3
The search

John ran to the bridge. "Captain. Something happened to Marcus."
"What happened?"
"He's dead, I found him in his cabin."
"Show me."
They ran to Marcus's room the captain looked at the mess."O my god!" Captain William bent over and vomited.
"Go find Jason, and I will stop the party."
John ran to the engine room. Before he went into the room he grabbed a flashlight from the shelf. He went to the computer room. The room was covered in sticky black stuff. The computers were covered too. He heard a hissing sound from inside the room. Then he saw Jason's body stuck to the wall. Jon dropped the flash light. He ran. He felt the thing moving by him. He ran to the door. He jumped through it and closed the door. He picked up a wielder from the same shelf he got the flash light. He sealed the door.

Chapter 4
A dangerous creature

The xenomorph scratched and hit the door. It tried to pray the dorr open, but it was firmly sealed. He went back to it's small new hive. It walked up to Jason's dead body. It placed it's mout near his, and shoved it's inner-jaw into Jason's throat. One chestburster inched it's way through the Xenomorphs inner-jaw, and into Jason's throat. The chestburster inched it's way into Jason's chest cavity.

The whole 240 crew members where standing on the bridge. The captian William stood in frotn of them all. "Two hours ago we fon Marcus Elek's body in his room. Apperently he died of a drug overdose." William lied because he did not want the crew members to get afraid."We are having the funeral tommarow so if you want to go to it, please meet me at the airlock." Then John ran through the door. He was all sweaty, and he was panting. " Captain, can I speak with you?"
"Yes, of course."
They exited the bridge, and walked to John's room. They went in and closed the door.

Adam watched them leave. He followed closely behind. When they walked into John's room, and closed the door, Adam walked to the door. He placed his ear to the metal door. He heard John's voice"William, Jason is dead, and there is something in the engine room. I sealed the door." Then Adam heard the Captian's voice" John, I don't know what to do. I am afraid that if we open the container with pulse rifles the crew will get scared."
"If we don't kill that basterd people are going to end up like Marcus."
"I know, but the options are slim. Either we tell the crew, and get the guns or we don't tell them and try to seal it in the engine room."
"Get the guns and shoot it."
"And risk hitting an engine and the ship exploding."
" Then we should try to seal it in."



I love people who only join to write :D



This story was sounding reasonable up until the point when you decided to mess with the established alien life cycle...



i liked the focus you put on the chartbuster lol no kidding not bad so far



I like it so far! Continue.

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