ACM Pre-Release Content (Terarelease)

Started by XSlayer300, Dec 27, 2020, 10:37:07 PM

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Okay, before anyone asks that this is a leak. It is not a leak to the current generation consoles. In fact, these guys actually paid over $12,000 just to get this content (and heck, even more than ACM). Their goal was to preserve as much video game development history as soon as possible, simply put, they preserve pre-release builds, prototypes, beta content and heck, pretty much content before 1.0. These guys to I am referring to are Obscure Gamers, and to the release (which where is this content from) is from Terarelease.
To quote (just for those who cannot see the thread because it is not logged in):

QuoteEarly in 2020 we released around 800GB of video game beta builds we funded via donations and data recovery on systems we had bought/had been donated. While working on a part two we hit 500GB and then the nintendo leaks happened. I jokingly said we should do a terarelease, aka 1TB of video game betas. Sadly it didn't go to plan, we're now past 2TB of content and even with this release going live today we haven't finished. There's more to come in 2021! 👀

How did we obtain all this history?

Via donations towards the site. In 2020 we had over $12,000 donated towards us and became a non profit museum in september 2020. Our goals simple, save as much video game history as possible.

We buy lots of items from defunct companies, developers and auctions. Much of the data you see here is recovered from HDD's from developer systems. Around 90% of the XBOX 360 data releasing today is what we recovered with data recovery tools coded by our community. The same goes for much of the PlayStation 3, Wii, WiiU, DSi & 3DS. This data was recovered from HDD's or the NAND in some cases or memory cards we found/had donated towards this.

Video Game History should be open to the public, It's simply not preserved if on a system locked away to time. Often these systems fail, such as the cases with SEGA losing source code or Criterion's developer PC's ending up at a scrap seller without backups being made before. Or another developers PC's ending up in a skip in the UK in 2019 undumped and lost as we never found out until it was too late.

With that we ask you go buy the latest games from your favorite game developers and support them.

In short, people donated a lot to Obscure Gamers, to the point they had enough money to find, recover and buy lots of these unused content from defunct companies and all. Aliens Colonial Marines is included in the releases.

Above is a video from one of the builds, showing off some of the gameplay footages we have not seen before. In fact, it even showed more cinematics which are cut from the final game, not to mention these are pre-recorded, mind you since it is likely played back from a .bnk video (the same format used in all of the game's cinematics).

Inside the Terarelease, it contains a lot of files dedicated to the early development builds before the game was released, as I mentioned, ACM is included in the release, and there are atleast 107 development builds (working or not) inside, mostly working for the XBox 360 development kit (meaning that many of the files are inaccessible through PC or PS). Though, if you want to gain access to the files in the Terarelease, one has to log in with an account there, using the link above the thread.

It is an entire goldmine of unused content and what we have not seen in the past before the game's release, we might as well look what we all have not seen before 2011/2012/2013.


How did they get the data? You can just.... buy old hard drives from developers and publishers, regardless of what IP is on them?


Through auctions and such, maybe. So that history on the games would be preserved for a future generation.

The Necronoir

I'm not sure there's anything in that video that wasn't in at least one of the pre-release sizzle reels / press events. Amusing that they use a predator roar as a placeholder for the Crusher though...


Neat, woulda liked to see this release over the shit we got



did they get source code?
Also,  melee and the silly biting minigame looks terrible lol.


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