TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul v6

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jun 05, 2020, 12:31:23 PM

TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul v6 (Read 10,269 times)

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks

A test build of V6 of the Overhaul mod is up for download: https://steamcommunity.com/app/49540/discussions/0/405692224242601440/

QuoteACM Overhaul V6 - Final Build test

Download Base Mod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PioDbPlamwF8VOlxr7d3YDUROdeAEQ39/view?usp=sharing

Download ADDONS:

Copy the following into your game installation root folder :
Binaries (File Folder)
Engine (File Folder)
PecanGame (File Folder)
ACMOverhaulV6Install.bat (Windows Batch File)

Double-Click ACMOverhaulV6Install to enable mods on your ACM installation

This should not be installed over a previous version of ACM Overhaul. Also, you MUST remove your My Documents\My Games\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame folder before starting the game with the mod installed, otherwise several features will not work!

I bet you thought this day would never come! I must admit I started to doubt it would too! I do not wish to go into why I have been absent but I do apologise for such an extremely long delay.

Version 6 is intended to the final installment of the ACM Overhaul and this test package includes only the base mod without any add-ons. I am hoping some of you will give it a run for me and let me know if there are any game breaking bugs remaining. There are still lots of smaller issues, some that will never be fixed, and others that are honestly just too hard to fix.

The Base installation contains Xeno's that are similar in difficulty to the original game (speed and health wise), slightly increased Xeno spawns and rare smartgun spawns.

V6 Highlights :
NEW Xenomorph behaviour
NEW Acid Blood special effects
NEW Fire effects
Smart-Gun random spawns
Improved Visuals
Improved Marine AI
Improved WY AI
Weapon Balancing (including Ripleys Pulse rifle recoil!)
Fixed human standing height (no more floating)
Built-In Configuration Updates
Reduced game crashing

There is no longer any need to manually edit the games config files or set them to read-only. They are now built into the game. This is why you must remove your current config files and allow the game to create the files for you. Once the base files have been created you can edit them yourself if you wish, but no changes are required to make the mod work.
The in-game graphical options have been redone. Placing the sliders at their maximum will push the engine to its limits. The minimum settings on the sliders are still good for old machines and laptops

Xenomorph behaviour has been majorly overhauled. While it is not perfect and they do still at times get stuck, they are MUCH trickier than before. They will now prefer to take indirect routes to get at you, back off when taking too much fire, and attack you from behind or the side more.

Acid Blood burns everything, and it shows! You will see alot more blood effects, complete with smoke effects. It can look a little odd at times (especially if they are in flight) but I feel its a small price to pay for when it does look great!

Fire now looks as deadly as it should. Using a firebomb will light up Xeno's or WY Mercs and looks epic! The only downside is that it makes it obvious that your ally NPC's are invulnerable to your fire

SmartGuns now spawn throughout the entire game. The chance is quite low so your not going to find one around every corner but when you do it gives new life to the sections of the game you've played a thousand times. If your stuck at a checkpoint, keep checking the ammo spawn points, as what spawns will change every reload. Eventually you will get a SmartGun and it should help you progress. This will not effect Stasis Interrupted

Further Weapon Balancing to try and assist you with the now much harder to hit Xeno's. This includes reduced recoil (especially Ripleys Pulse rifle) and slight damage tweaks

Humans now actually stand with their feet on the ground in 99% of the game. This does lead to a few situations where they look like they are sunk into the ground slightly (like the injured marines at the beginning of the game). However it also makes them less visible when hiding behind cover

Marines and WY Mercs should greatly prefer medium to long range combat in most scenarios. Scripted events not withstanding

Lots of other small tweaks and changes over the months (some of which I can't even remember lol)

The addon download allows you to change the Smart Gun spawning frequency, Xeno Soldier difficulty and Xeno spawn count.

Xeno Spawn Count addons are very powerful and dangerous. Take the hangar scene near the beginning of the game as an example. When you enter there is a spawn point on the missile rack (the xeno Keys blows up) and 2 spawn points at the back of the hangar that are active immediately. Once Keys begins hacking 2 more spawn points activate on the roof behind the drop-ship and half way through a final spawn point on the right wall activates at the vent.
Each spawn point is effected by the addon independantly. So for example with the 3x addon you will have to contend with 6 Xenos immediately before the encounter has even started. When the first wave starts it will spawn approximately 30 xenos however they will still be spawning when the final point on the vent activates, which will spawn about 20 xenos totalling almost 60 xenos in this scene!
The Xeno keys kills with the grenade will respawn and it is invulnerable. Don't worry it is not allowed to move and will not break the scene so just ignore it!

I highly recommend installing the uncommon Smart Gun spawn addon along with these if you are playing solo for any chance of progressing

Ivan The Insect

Damn still need to finish the vanilla campaign...

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