Aliens Expanded - A New Aliens Documentary Announced

Started by Darkness, Apr 26, 2022, 08:03:14 PM

Aliens Expanded - A New Aliens Documentary Announced (Read 376 times)


A brand new Aliens documentary has been announced! CreatorVC have unveiled and announced that it will be producing a documentary all about James Cameron’s Aliens with insight into its cinematic legacy. There will be commentary from cast, crew, and fans alike, and will explore the mythology of the iconic movie.

The Aliens Expanded documentary will feature scene-by-scene analysis driven by memories and stories. It will explore the themes, plot, characters, atmosphere, special effects and what impact James Cameron’s Aliens had on the world.

 Aliens Expanded - A New Aliens Documentary Announced

Prepare for dust off, folks. Exploring James Cameron's epic from teeth to tail, Aliens Expanded will open up this beloved film like never before. Aliens is arguably – Hell, let's just say it – the greatest sequel of all time; Aliens Expanded will be the ultimate celebration of exactly why.

It will go deep, right into the heart of the nest, to unearth the reason why we return to its embrace again and again. Every line on our lips. Every action beat a muscle memory. A genuine classic still as terrifying as the day we first joined the mission back to LV-426.

Much, much more than a making of. Way more ambitious than some video essay. Never before will such passion, wit, intellect, and pure worship be applied to a single film. 

CreatorVC are an independent global team of people who create documentaries about films they love from the 80’s. The documentaries are inspired and shaped by a dedicated community of fans. They previously produced In Search of the Last Action Heroes – a comprehensive retrospective of the 80’s action film genre.

Their second documentary was In Search of Darkness – an exploration of 80’s horror movies. They followed that up with Part 2 and are currently producing a third documentary in the series.

If you go to the website, you can view a teaser for the Aliens documentary. There doesn’t appear to be a release date for it yet. I believe, as well that their previous documentaries were crowd-funded on Kickstarter or Indiegogo so Aliens Expanded may follow a similar path.

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Sweet, sounds brilliant.  Look forward to seeing it on its release.  Thanks for the info!

bobby brown

It makes me happy that the brand is still so strong! Very loyal fanbase!

Nightmare Asylum

Interesting. It'll be hard to match/top what Charles de Lauzirika and J.W. Rinzler have already done, but if they're able to score some new interviews with the cast and crew and can get some informative new answers out of them, I'll be all over that for sure.

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