Alien: Solara and Charon. Alien fan audio dramas.

Started by Anarchist86ed, Sep 15, 2019, 03:06:46 AM

Alien: Solara and Charon. Alien fan audio dramas. (Read 13,097 times)


Videos will offline as of January 1st, and download links will be gone.


Just wanted to remind that everything is going offline as of the 1st.

Also wanted to give a snippet of what was going to be a part of the epic finale so you can get a hint of where the new production will go.

The series was going to, and still will end with Bob Segar's roll me away, it being John's favorite song.


John works the controls of the engineer ship as "Roll Me Away" by Bob Segar continues. At the 41 second mark, John says the final words of the series.

JOHN: Let's begin.

And with that, we fade out.

The song plays over final credits until it ends.


Sadly, some people didn't seem to like the inclusion of the engineers. So I'm considering removing them from the plot and returning to the mystery of who and what they were. But that's also sad because I wrote some pretty emotional stuff that involved their legacy. I don't know. I have time to think about it. I am sure it will still end the way I wrote it. But if I change it, John will simply pilot a mysterious alien craft that's "alive" and there will be no mention of the engineers.

The teaser episodes, I'm not sure will be remade. I'll have to see how the new cast thinks. All the characters will be the same though. I see no reason to change them.

More info as it becomes available.


Big things have new beginnings.


Sounds interesting. I'll have to visit all that before it goes.


Now unlisted. I refused to simply remove them.

Remember, kids, don't work with people who want money for non profit work.  ::)


Quote from: Anarchist86ed on Dec 22, 2020, 02:18:43 AM
Now for an announcement no one cares about.

This is rumor control, and here are the facts.

This series is not returning. Not as it is. Two reasons: Voice actors are simply too unreliable for the most part. I would have to cast AGAIN to do a final episode. And I've been threatened if I don't remove content that contains someone's voice. I won't name names or go into details, but I decided for my own benefit I'll do as threatened and let this series fall into the darkness. I've been threatened by voice actors before so this was no surprise given previous behavior. All I will say is some people think they're super stars. So Alien: Solara is no more.

Until I remake it with an extremely limited new cast who will record everything in one go and will be made absolutely clear they will never make any money off of this.

As for Charon, we've lost important people for that too. It's no surprise. I currently don't know what to do with it.

I advise if you ever want to do stuff like this, maybe it's best to not bother. People will end up wanting money and threaten you with lawyers and copyright strikes. Disney hasn't given me any problems, not even a threat to nuke me from orbit.

I'm glad to hear that you were able to make it so far down the road, so to speak, with Solara without any noise from the IPO. Opens the door a bit wider for the next guy... ;)


Take me home to the place I belong. Summer, 2021.

Corporal Hicks

Excellent! I take it that's moving forwards okay?


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jan 08, 2021, 08:31:24 AM
Excellent! I take it that's moving forwards okay?

Already have a new John.

Corporal Hicks

Glad to hear!


We begin again on 4/26.


Alien: Solara "John". Solara relaunches with the births of two precious lives. John, now available on YouTube and for download.

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