Oomph! Music Video - New AvPR Footage

Started by Darkness, Dec 14, 2007, 07:56:30 PM

Oomph! Music Video - New AvPR Footage (Read 18,490 times)


Ok plz somebody explain to me where did they get that footage because it's not in any trailer, tv spot, etc.. They are just a band with never before scenes of Wolf/AVP-R..unless they have stole/ripped the movie from somewhere else.  P.S. Apologize for my bad english


Was that Tony Almeida singing??   ;)    The visuals of the film look outstanding here, far improved from the trailers, it's really nice-looking.


well we've officially seen the whole movie beginning to end.   And aliens fans... of which i am one... quit god damn belly aching about the "wolf is too tough" stuff... he has to be or it would be a very short movie.  I think this is going to be one of those tracks that's just played at the very very very very end of the film.  This a publicity thing to get people into the theaters is all.

Space Disc Jockey

Awesome footage! Damn does this movie look good. And I wish people would stop complaining about the Aliens being pwned every where. Wolf is an elite hunter He knows how to deal with the Aliens. That doesn't mean the Aliens won't have a fair chance against him (I'm not jus talking about the PredAlien)...


Title track? Wtf?  This track is awful, seriously. OK i do like my heavy rock music but it's inapropriate to be used anywhere in an alien or predator themed film.  I just hope what someone said about it bieng used right at the end of the films credits is accurate.    :-\  



I don't think the music will be in the movie at all. The video was made do advertise the movie to german public. Anyway, video roxx, music suxx.

The G-man

SDJ and Nchurch81 ur absolutely correct! all those wining Alien-fans need to understand that their favourite pets are going to be slaughtered because Wolf is an Elite pred. if he was just a young, noobie-pred like in AvP There wouldn't be much of a predator in AVPR and it would look more like an Alien film   ;D  


those scenes were just amazing.


Nice song.  ;D   Though I love Industrial Metal, I would prefer Fear Factory and Red Harvest over the dance nu-metal type Industrial Metal, but the song wasn't too bad. The clips for the film was awesome though. The song will only be put in the German version of the film.

Wolfs Girl

Funny..... The band was formed in 1989 in Wolfsburg, Germany.  Wolfsburg. haha.



I'm an alien fan and I understand the need (movie-wise) for Wolf to get the best of them.  I just hope he works his ass off doing so.  Besides,  we alien fans know that if Wolf was stripped of his armaments, he'd only last about 20 seconds in a hive.  Look at all the weaponry he has to use in order to stay alive.  Aliens aren't pushovers. Only the elite can handle them in such a way.       ;D  



Song was awesome and i love all the clips they put in there.



B-M-H... Since when were aliens intergalactic hunters? That's what a predator is... aliens are more like parasites and I highly doubt that your bio mechanical alien from the first film could do sh*t to the original predator, how slow that thing moved and hibernated around the ship, but without weapons not even a predator could last in a hive. Bottom line: The predators hunt and toy with aliens, if the aliens have their way, they make you extinct. Little eco terrorists!


I dont like the handgun. The way wolf holds it upwards next to his cheek is too much 'James Bondish'...   >:(  

Lucian Laurentis

Well as far as the music, OOMPH! has come a long way. A lot of their older stuff is far more gritty but I wouldn't really classify their new stuff as poppish. I'm sure if I played this to anyone who liked pop, they'd look at me weird. lol I just like the fact that there are parts where the lead singer actually sings, it's a nice change from other industrial metal.

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