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Recreational Area / Re: OBJECTIFICATION THREAD: Th...
Last post by BigDaddyJohn - Today at 03:12:40 PM
My god I love short hair brunettes. They will be the end of me one day. I needed to say that.
Alien: Romulus / Re: Alien: Romulus Catch-All T...
Last post by BigDaddyJohn - Today at 03:08:45 PM
Sounds fun.
Predator Films / Re: Badlands, Earth or Space?
Last post by Nightmare Asylum - Today at 03:04:30 PM
See, I see "Judge Dredd" and "Mad Max" as two very distinct modes (unless we're purely talking Mad Max as in the original film specifically, which I would probably lump more in that group with Judge Dredd).

A "Judge Dredd" environment would feel to me a bit closer to Blade Runner stylistically, but with more of that Predator 2/Robocop, Mad Max 1 gnarly/schlocky (endearing) flavor to it. And Dredd, of course.

But the latter, as in the sequels to Mad Max, is something a bit different to me. The Road Warrior/Fury Road in some sort of blender with Conan the Barbarian and Riddick (2013), with a setting on some faraway world with more of a feudal environment (for EU franchise fans, Aliens: Phalanx is a good reference point), is really where my mind wants to keep taking me for Badlands...
Predator Films / Re: Badlands, Earth or Space?
Last post by The Shuriken - Today at 02:50:48 PM
Dystopian Earth is fine with me. That's all I think about when I hear "Badlands". Something like Judge Dredd or Mad Max.
Alien: Romulus / Re: Alien: Romulus Catch-All T...
Last post by solace97 - Today at 02:23:37 PM
Is it wrong that I had a dream I was cacooned and running from an Alien but I enjoyed every second of it, especially when I was captured by it
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: All Star Wars
Last post by Ingwar - Today at 02:11:41 PM
Let's not forget The Witcher. But no, I'm tired of looking at my beloved franchises being utterly butchered and I try as much as I can to avoid watching YT content about them. At the end of the day, there is nothing I can do. It just saddens me that people who make them don't give a single glorious f**k about it. I'm looking forward to see Alien and Blade Runner series though.
Fan Art / Re: Alien drawing
Last post by Kradan - Today at 02:10:19 PM
These are incredible ! I wish I drew that good
Alien: Romulus / Re: Alien: Romulus Catch-All T...
Last post by Highland - Today at 02:04:16 PM
I've only ever had 3 nightmares ( proper ones) in my life. One of the worst was a Predator was at my school and the camera (presumably my brain doing the directing) was a bird's eye view of a body in pieces on the roof of the school, it slowly lowered down while spinning (my brain camera) closer to the dismembered body on the roof and as the head came into focus it was my face. It was me cut into pieces.

Needless to say I instantly shat myself :o

Must have been 30 years ago but still remember it.
Alien Films / Re: Giger's Alien-inspired art
Last post by MetalAlien - Today at 01:22:18 PM

more AI

Recreational Area / Re: The Alien Dialogue Thread ...
Last post by Darwinsgirl - Today at 01:20:34 PM

"I got son of a bitch"

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