The Predator Early Reactions Thread

Started by SyntaX, Sep 04, 2018, 07:58:09 AM

The Predator Early Reactions Thread (Read 83,634 times)

The Old One

The Old One

I'd like it just to see how insane it goes.
That, or just dissect the suit's technology to upgrade our own world and technology.
Giving the Predator a futuristic environment to play in.


Normally I prefer to leave insanity to the comics.


So do we get to see Stargazer capture Fugitive? did he let himself get captured like in the script? Seems kinda dumb to let himself get captured if he had no idea they were going to keep him alive.


I saw it.

It's very bad. The one positive standout is the comedy with the ensemble cast.



This is starting to sound like a movie that would've been better received as one of the novels instead.


Is there a chance to use a different ending for the theatrical release after the huge backlash it`s receiving ?

Or it`s too late for this train ...

The Old One

The Old One

No chance, not at this point.

Corporal Hicks

Please share all your personal reviews for the film in this new thread:

Thanks  :)

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