Which DVD/Blu-Ray contains info on the Alien crew?

Started by Nostromo, Jun 13, 2016, 02:18:58 PM

Which DVD/Blu-Ray contains info on the Alien crew? (Read 1,031 times)


Which DVD/Blu-Ray contains info on the Alien crew?

Similar to this: https://alientimeline.wordpress.com/2069-2123/

(I noticed it says "From Alien DVD", would it happen to be on the Alien Anthology Blu Ray set as well?)

Corporal Hicks

It was the original Legacy boxset. I believe they're on the Anthology (probably on the 6th disc) but I'm not 100%.


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jun 13, 2016, 04:06:50 PM
It was the original Legacy boxset. I believe they're on the Anthology (probably on the 6th disc) but I'm not 100%.

Thanks, will check it out tonight!


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jun 13, 2016, 04:06:50 PM
It was the original Legacy boxset. I believe they're on the Anthology (probably on the 6th disc) but I'm not 100%.
Yeah, I want to say that the crew data Easter egg from the Alien Legacy 'Alien' DVD is present on the Anthology bluray. I'm not sure if the other Easter eggs (Ash's partial report, and the Nostromo flight log) are reproduced as well.



Damn, Alien Anthology is the bomb arse shite! Forgot it had all this and more. From Disc 06 in the Aliens section: (Also check out the bottom link for what else is there and what's been added that wasn't already on the Quadrilogy set).

Weyland-Yutani Inquest: Nostromo Dossiers (03m:35s)
Now this is by far the most interesting video clip in the Aliens PRODUCTION section, presenting the on-screen biographies of the entire crew of The Nostromo which are seen during Ripley's hearing. I'm not sure if these biographies are in any way based on the ones that were allegedly written up and presented to the Alien cast by Ridley Scott to give them a better grasp of their characters, but there's certainly a lot of intriguing revelations about each character here: for instance Parker took IQ boosting drugs, Kane had a history of substance abuse, and Lambert was sexually converted from Male to Female at birth!

Easter Eggs

There are a handful of Easter Eggs in this Alien Anthology Set, which I believe have all been ported over from the Alien Quadrilogy DVD Boxset and can be found within the individual film sections on Disc 06 - The Anthology Archives. Here I will list the content and location of the four Easter Egg features that I could find, presented in a spoiler box so those who wish to hunt themselves can chose to ignore the information. Please note that I couldn't find anything in the Alien 3 section of the disc, which seems like an odd oversight but I did scour this section a number of times to make absolutely sure. If however you do discover anything not listed here please get in touch through the comments section at the bottom of this review!

The following text contains spoilers. Click and drag over this box to view.Each Easter Egg can be found by pressing RIGHT on specific menu options, which if successful will show up a small chequered box that will to take you to the Egg after pressing OK. There are two Eggs in the Alien section, one in the Aliens section, and a final one in the Alien Resurrection section.

Weyland-Yutani Flight Manifest
Alien: Pre-Poduction > Cast Potrait Gallery > Press Right
This is a menu-based information section where you can read the Weyland-Yutani records on both the Nostromo flight record and the crew manifest, which can be quite a departure from the biographies Cameron wrote up for the boardroom inquest scene in Aliens and hence well worth a look for curiosity's sake (Although you shouldn't for one second consider them even remotely canonical).

Ash's Alien Lifecycle Report
Alien: Production > H.R. Giger's Workshop > Press Right
Another menu-generated text-based extra, this is a mock report presumably written by Ash and sent to Weyland-Yutani prior to his meeting with the business end of a heavy canister swung by Parker. It's written completely in character and is pretty well done.

A Boy and His Power-Loader (09m:36s)
Aliens: Production > Production Image Galleries > Final Battle and Epilogue > Press Right
This is a very cool little featurette on how Van Ling, a talented young film-school student with an avid interest in visual effects, managed to build a fully functional 7ft Power-Loader (with help from three equally capable friends) for a Halloween party in just over three months to win a gentleman's bet with another friend. Eventually James Cameron travelled to Ling's parents' home to see the robotic suit in action and offered him a job on his research team, which has led to a pretty successful career within the industry. So this is both a geek-tastic and inspirational story!

Interview with David Prior: Supporting Alien (06m:48s)
Alien Resurrection: Production > Production Image Galleries > Extracting the Queen > Press Right
There isn't actually a title for this featurette but it's basically a sit down with David Prior, a lifelong fanatic of Giger's Alien who was given the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream of playing the creature when other actors were needed to back up Tom Woodruff Jnr. in Alien Resurrection. This discussion goes more into depth about the painstaking process of putting on and working a full day in the Alien suit than any other feature in this set, so it's well worth checking out.

OverallWhat more needs to be said about this staggering Alien Anthology Boxset? Two fantastic presentation of Alien and Aliens, a good presentation of Alien 3, an OK presentation of Alien Resurrection and enough extra features to keep me busy for almost an entire month working on a review of them all - and trust me, I wish I was slacking off!! Simply put this is the franchise boxset by which all others will be judged on the Blu-ray format; I only hope other studios are paying attention!

Read more: http://film.thedigitalfix.com/content/id/73333/alien-anthology-disc-06-the-alien-anthology-archives.html#ixzz4BUpGtMTp


Oh nice, it looks like the other Easter eggs did get ported over to the Anthology set. :)

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