Is the bluray anthology worth it?

Started by Thomas H., Jun 02, 2016, 07:39:32 PM

Is the bluray anthology worth it? (Read 1,295 times)

Thomas H.

Thomas H.

I own the quadrilogy on dvd. What difference, except for better video and audio, is there between that and the Anthology?

Corporal Hicks

More features. I couldn't reel them all off to you but off the top of my head you have the uncut version of the Alien 3 documentary, it comes with the Alien commentary from the Legacy, some additional documentaries, some smaller snippets that are called enhancement pods. Well worth picking up.


Yes,its well worth the upgrade but don't get rid of your old Quadrilogy set just yet!

The Anthology set has some changes to ALIEN D.C.-The CGI mist passing the derelict entrance is missing and the bonus shot of the Alien prior to Brett"s death is a different take to the one from the Quadrilogy set.

The ALIEN RESURRECTION documentary for the Anthology set (the French Twist segment) has replaced some alternate (rare) footage from Brett's death with the ALIEN DC version-which was previously only available for the 2003 home video release.

BLU RAY.COM have a far more detailed review but don't list any of the changes made between these two (Quadrilogy/Anthology) sets.



I thought it was brilliant - It had ... everything... and there was a refreshing snark to a lot of it. Giler (I think) was really dismissive of O'Bannon, O'Bannon was railing against the system... The commentaries were great (mostly). It really did make me hate Resurrection even more than I did already, though.

Thomas H.

The differences in extra's is already reason enough from the sound of it. :) Thanks guys.


Hello, I believe whatever is in blue letters is not in the Quadrilogy set. Very worth it.

Thomas H.

Holy hell, that's a lot.....

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