Alien Anthology Nostromo Limited Edition

Started by Quarax, Oct 04, 2014, 06:21:48 PM

Alien Anthology Nostromo Limited Edition (Read 2,551 times)

Nightmare Asylum

How many Anthology repackages are they going to put out? :D

Thought it would have a little replica of the ship or something, which would be cool, but it seems like it's just the packaging designed to look like one of the doors.


Looks like new packaging which looks nice. Here's another pic:

Looks like it's similar to the Giger Edition with the comic, postcards and poster.


Some pictures from the Weyland-Yutani Bulletin.


How big is it? I thought it was pretty big but it looks like it's only the same size as a standard bluray case.


Some more.


Looks pretty nice.  But I've no need for it.


The Alien: Isolation flyer.


Since Ive yet to own the Saga on Bluray (just keeping to my dvd set) I might pick this set up when I go to get Isolation.

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