Alien Anthology 'H.R. Giger Tribute' Blu-Ray Set

Started by Darkness, Aug 01, 2014, 05:15:41 AM

Alien Anthology 'H.R. Giger Tribute' Blu-Ray Set (Read 5,744 times)


Get a load of this set. To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Alien, 20th Century Fox will be releasing a 9-Disc H.R. Giger Tribute Alien Anthology Bluray set. It includes the four Alien films, the two Anthology bonus disks, Prometheus 2D & 3D and its bonus disk. Extras include Alien: The Illustrated Story, an H.R. Giger art card set, original theatrical posters and more. It’s a limited edition set for Japan available on November 5, 2014 for ¥15,000 ($146, £86). There’s no word right now if this is making its way overseas or not. Some Japanese sets, like the AvP Monster Box, have remained exclusive to the region while others have eventually made their way overseas.

gigerset Alien: Covenant: One Year Later - AvP Galaxy Podcast #68

Thanks to AliensCollection for the news.

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Ash 937

Funny.  Fox attempted to cheat Giger out of credit for the alien design in both Alien3 and Alien: that he has passed they are giving him a "tribute blue-ray set".

While it certainly looks cool, it's also an odd thing for me to see Fox release something like this at all.


They didn't need to credit him on Resurrection, since he didn't work on it.  So no cheating there.


I hope it does make its way over here.

I wonder if there is any new documentary features on disc 9?


Afraid not. The disks are duplicates of what's already out there.


Thank you for letting me know. :) 

The new packaging and goodies are nice but for that price I'll wait for it to show up on the secondary market.


Hot damn, this is a classy looking set. I'm awfully tempted.

Ash 937

The original design belongs to Giger...and he actually did make a valid point regarding his "discredit" for the original alien design in Resurrection.


Fox isn't obligated to credit him on a film he didn't work on.

They cheated him on Alien3, and subsequently corrected it.  It was simpler to also credit him on Resurrection after the fact, than argue the point.


Not buying anymore Alien movie releases unless new material ( deleted scenes/out-takes ) are included.


But it's got a new hat!


Aside from the price tag, this box set looks awesome! Still not sure if I can bring myself to purchase physical movies anymore with you know... the advent of the Internet and all.

And don't flame, we're all (or most of us) equally as guilty. ;)

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