Predator: Eyes of the Demon Anthology in 2022

Started by felix, Nov 03, 2021, 10:30:56 PM

Predator: Eyes of the Demon Anthology in 2022 (Read 33,805 times)


Finished it yesterday and it was another great Predtor anthology. It wasn't as good as If It Bleeds, it had some bland stories and maybe not as many abolutely great ones. But whereas its stories weren't as consistently good as in If It Blleds, It made up for it by having more varied, interesting and risky shorts. And even if they stumbled a little they were still fascinating to read.

My favourite shorts were:
Lion of the Himalayas
Bitter Hunt
Ghost Story
Little Miss Nightmare
Sly Dark in the Daylight

And the worst/most bland ones for me were:
Proving Ground
Cannon Fodder

Overall it's second best anthology from Titan. They maybe sleeping on Predator novels, but doing great job with short stories. I wish they gave another shot with Alien anthology now, there is so much potential there.

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