Fred Dekker Interview (Flashback Files)

Started by Corporal Hicks, May 09, 2022, 08:03:26 AM

Fred Dekker Interview (Flashback Files) (Read 1,250 times)

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Quote from: 426Buddy on May 14, 2022, 01:54:45 PM
QuoteTHE PREDATOR got some flak for portraying autism as the next step in human evolution. Was there any discussion between you and Shane Black or with the studio about the possibility of getting into trouble with that storyline?

That's a good question. Now we are living on Planet Woke and everything is inappropriate. But back then that hadn't quite happened yet. Let's put it like this: if we were writing that now, I'm sure the studio would be much more johnny-on-the-spot about it. Shane and I asked ourselves: What if being on the spectrum means you are actually evolving as a human being? What I've learned since, is that people who have autistic children don't think very much of that idea. They have to live with their child. But at the time the studio didn't even blink.

As a father of a child on the spectrum I want to say that this exchange was painfully cringe inducing and ignorant.

You can also tell he has not educated himself at all regarding why the portrayal is so problematic. He only learned that parents of people with Autism didn't like it. Then he also seems to put it on the studio for not stopping them, f*cking sad.

Can't believe I was ever a fan of this dude.

Yeah, I thought of you when I read that.


Fred wasn't the best choice for a Predator movie, but it's the people chosing him and his script who screwed up.

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