Thomas Jane Talks Character’s Backstory in The Predator

Started by ace3g, Oct 29, 2017, 07:02:35 PM

Thomas Jane Talks Character’s Backstory in The Predator (Read 18,744 times)


Hmm, that's a controversial opinion. I'd say the first film has its fair share of horror elements. Being stuck in a never-ending jungle environment being hunted and picked off one by one by a silent, invisible killer would be pretty terrifying.

Predator affected me a lot more than Aliens did when I was a nipper.



I think that with the help of the success of Strange Things and IT, this film will have a box office success.I think it's a compromise and then we'll get ...



Predator are fun cool action movies with a lot of tension, atmosphere and R Rated violence
and one of the all time best monster designs ever put on film.

Dont gimme any of this "He Used to be scary!" nonsense.

It was only scary because some of you saw it when you were kids.
It was "scary" due to bad parenting.  ;D


the more we hear the worse it sounds


I do think there's something unsettling in certain moments, like the first few POV sequences before you really know what's happening, and the first few shots of the cloaked Predator where you can't really wrap your head around what you're seeing. That's kind of a one time type of scary, though, that no sequel could really replicate.


If in the last moment of some Character's life, Jane tears off his jacket to reveal a punisher shirt and begins firing an m4 at the predator, I'll jump through the ceiling with freakin' glee. God I've always wanted to see that. The punisher tracking some elusive serial killer that turns out to be a predator. Alas, there is no hope.  :'(

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